Mentoring Zineuskadi: 6 projects in the spotlight

Throughout the year, our team remains dedicated to fostering international cooperation around projects with global appeal. Next month, Sunny Side of the Doc will facilitate a dedicated mentoring program to propel the projects of six creative teams from Zineuskadi forward.


About the session

The mentoring session is scheduled for April 10th, 2024, and will be overseen by seasoned mentors from the documentary industry: Andrea Hock or Stephanie Fuchs from Autlook Filmsales GmbH (Austria), and Hedva Goldschmidt from Go2Films (Israel). Each team will have the unique opportunity to present its project and engage in discussions, benefiting from expert advice.


The selected projects

All the Roads

Directed by: Iratxe Fresneda
Produced by: Pimpi & Nella Films, Marmoka Films

"All the Roads" is a documentary that portrays the journey of Marianne Breslauer and Annemarie Schwarzenbach from Berlin to Spain in the spring of 1933, where women were allowed to vote for the first time. Curiosity attracted these two brave women to cross Europe under the pretext of making a travel report for the Academy Agency.


Directed by: Bego Zubia
Produced by: Elhuyar 

Scientific, livestock and doctors join forces to deal with bacteria resistant to antibiotics, the new pandemic that already kills more people than traffic accidents (and will kill more than cancer in 2050). Resistant will show how all of them are facing this challenge and which solutions are already on the way.

No Rain No Rainbow

Directed by: Erlantz Mata Alvárez
Produced by: Ametza Films

The Donnay brothers have visited many countries over the years. The people they meet there cease to be strangers and become friends. For them, travelling is a way of getting to know local life, people and their dreams.


Produced by: Konzéntrika Films

Jaime Otero, an instructor and expert Galician farmer, embarks on a journey across the Iberian Peninsula where he establishes deep connections by conducting workshops on syntropic farming. This narrative follows reflections on current agriculture, challenging harmful practices and cultivating sustainable solutions that have already begun to sprout in successful projects. This journey is a living metaphor for the dissemination of a new agricultural vision, a testament to how small seeds of change can grow and flourish in a system where cooperation between species and respect for the natural rhythms of the forest are fundamental.

The Williams

Produced by: Kanaki Films et SL

Many migrants live in search of a mirror in which to recognize themselves; They are not from here, but they are not from there either. The Williams brothers, of Ghanaian descent, are admired players of Athletic Club de Bilbao: the first division team that only has Basque players. In "The Williams" the brothers look their family history in the face.

Txillardegi’s Hidden Diary

Directed by: Kote Camacho
Produced by: Komiki Films

A young filmmaker discovers a prominent Basque intellectual and activist, Txillardegi. During Franco’s regime he goes underground, and manages to lay out the basis for a Basque standard form, bringing a moribund language to live again. The filmmaker finds out that both academy and institutions attempt to erase Txillardegi’s legacy from history.

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