Before SSD22: The Sunny Side of the Doc Experience starts on June 1st!

Planning to join us in La Rochelle (from June 20th to 23rd) but not registered yet?
Do so by May 31st, and secure a spot for the 2 days of online "Before" sessions to prepare your market!

Take a look at the "Before" programme !

DAY 1: Wednesday, June 1st

#1 Welcome to Newcomers [3pm-4pm UTC+2]
Are you attending Sunny Side of the Doc for the first time? Take advantage of our experts' advice and tips to prepare and succeed in your market!Speakers:
- Laetitia Bochud, Director, Virtual Switzerland XR4Europe
- Pauline Mazenod, President, Windrose

- Mathieu Béjot, Sunny Side of the Doc
- Stéphane Malagnac, Sunny Side of the Doc & PiXii Festival


#2 Welcome to Pitchers [4pm-5pm UTC+2] 
You're part of the Official Selection? Congratulations! Discuss with former SSD pitchers to maximise your chances!

- Marieke van des Bersselaar, Producer, Polar Star Films // Award winner SSD21 [The Click Trap]
- Srdjan Sarenac, Director & Producer, Novi Film // Award winner SSD21 [Cinema under Siege]
- Ruth Berry, Director // Award winner SSD19 [Scat Man]

Moderator: Jean-Jacques Peretti, Sunny Side of the Doc

DAY 2: Thursday, June 2nd

#3 Case Study: Sagrada Familia [2pm-3pm UTC+2]
Get to the heart of the matter with a case study on: "Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's Challenge" in presence of the film's producers.

- Stéphane Millière, CEO, Gédéon Programmes
- Isabel Raventós, Managing Director, Atomis Media
- Montse Armengou, Director of Non-Fiction Programs, TV3 Catalonia

Moderator: Mathieu Béjot, Sunny Side of the Doc


#4 Meet Xn Québec [3pm-4pm UTC+2]
Get a head start and meet already with the Canadian Digital Experience Producers Association. 

- Sophie Couture, Executive Director, Xn Québec
- Isha Bottin, Project manager / programmer, Xn Québec

Moderator: Stéphane Malagnac, Sunny Side of the Doc & PiXii Festival

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