Key Takeaways - Meet the Executives: What's New with Discovery?

#StorytellingMatters This new Meet the Executives session featuring Howard Swartz,Senior Vice President Docs and Specials, Factual Networks & Streaming at Discovery gave us valuable insights on Discovery future strategic plans revealing key information on the brand and how collaboration is the key to success. Take a glimpse at the one-hour interview by reading the top comments.

​About the session

During the interview, Howard Swartz commented on the changes the company has been through in the past few years and highlighted its new streaming platform : Discovery+. Overall, Swartz said that the organization's DNA remains the same, but with some new directions, specially towards humor. He also mentioned that, when it comes to coproductions, what Discovery is looking for is new takeaways, what is fresh.

The session was moderated by our Publishing Partner, Peter Hamilton (Documentary Business)

Key insights from the speaker

“We remain the same brand, but it is nice to see that we kind of had the permission to go to that new direction, the humor direction, with shows like Meet the Meerkats and Mysterious Planet. Thankfully, our audience allowed us to go that direction.”

"We’re expanding into new genres, which is really exciting. We are telling stories that are edgier than what we did in the past, like going in the direction of pop culture productions. We want to make that buzz, to create conversations between people”.

"For Discovery, good documentaries is equal to innovative filmmakers with contemporary storytellings. That’s what we’re looking for, specially in those pop culture productions that we have been so opened to recently. Of course, award-winning directors are a big plus, but it is by no means a huge criteria : We’re definitely in business with a wide variety of filmmakers."

"We’d love to have all the rights, to all territories and medias, but there of course there is flexibility when it comes to doing coproductions. When talking about coproductions and finding filmmakers, it all comes down to : what is the unique take ? The fresh take. The filter we use is always finding great characters, great stories."

"Diversity is really important and putting a spotlight on different voices and storytellers is a priority we are focused on right now. Last year, when George Floyd died, we did some projects around that and we believe it is important to have that conversation. Discovery has always been known to doing good, social good, and we want to keep it that way."

Discovery Showreel  

Take a glimpse at the Discovery trailers shown during the Meet the Executives session.

1 - Meet the Meerkats (00.00)
2 - Shark Lockdown (01.11)
3 - Attack of the Murder Hornets (02.40)
4 - Lily Topples the World (04.45)    

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