Sunny Side of the Doc unveils its new visual identity!

After weeks of exciting collaboration, we're delighted to unveil the new visual identity for the 35th anniversary edition of Sunny Side of the Doc around the main thread of Mapping the Future.

© Les Claudies for Sunny Side of the Doc

Infinitely round and bouncy

You may have noticed the springs motif adorning the official Sunny Side of the Doc 2024 poster. These springs, presented in the form of circles, are not simply decorative elements, but a symbolic representation of the international documentary marketplace in La Rochelle: a true springboard for talent and creation, a leap towards a future we can map together.

Each circle on the poster represents an essential aspect of the market: the diversity of genres and subjects, the wealth of content, the boundless creativity and constant innovation at its heart. Together, these elements form a unique ecosystem where documentary filmmakers can flourish and ideas can blossom.


About the studio

Les Claudies is a graphic design studio based in La Rochelle, working mainly with paper, sometimes with pixels, often with fantasy but always with seriousness. Les Claudies offers creative concepts in a variety of tailor-made media. The studio's creative approach is not aimed at "trendy" design, but rather at offering long-lasting creations that are adapted and original to each project.

For the vast majority of visuals, the studio blends illustration and design.