Sunny Side of the Doc joins forces with ReelAbilities

For 35 years, our organization has been dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all participants, regardless of background or ability, can fully engage in our programs and initiatives. We believe that accessibility is not only a necessity but also a fundamental aspect of fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation within our community.

Inspired by the Nonfiction Media Makers with Disabilities Survey and led by IDA’s Nonfiction Access Initiative, the industry gathering organised at IDFA 2023 to help Advancing Access and Funding for Disabled Makers, definitely raised our awareness towards program accessibility and support for nonfiction makers with disabilities. This has led to a closer relationship and  a committed partnership between Sunny Side of the Doc and ReelAbilities (New York) with the aim to create equal opportunities and access to disabled talent in non-fiction storytelling.

For the 16th edition of the ReelAbilities Summit, our team had the pleasure of rewarding two documentary films: Healing Sexual won the Sunny Side of the Doc Invitation, including two free accreditations for Sunny Side of the Doc 2024, and Monstrous Me won the Special Prize including two free accreditations and a €500 grant to cover travel costs to Sunny Side of the Doc 2024.

Sexual Healing

Directed by Elsbeth Fraanje
Produced by Nienke Korthof

Logline: A poignant, disarming, and often humorous story of a 53-year-old disabled woman going on a courageous exploration of her own intimacy and sexuality for the very first time.

Monstrous Me

Directed and produced by Ariel Baska

Logline: A multiply disabled filmmaker explores the untold power of horror cinema in shaping disability and gender identity - challenging how society sees cinematic monsters.

Our initiatives

Sunny Side of the Doc has taken significant steps to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities. As part of our commitment, we have developed a dedicated form designed to provide access to our event for anyone facing disabilities.

ReelAbilities will also bring its expertise during Sunny Side of the Doc 2024, by participating in our Ask the Experts program. This year, the participants from Sunny Side of the doc will have the unique opportunity to book 20-minute consultations with an Expert from ReelAbilities to discuss disability inclusion and equity in film.

Moving forward, we will continue to explore new initiatives and opportunities to enhance accessibility at Sunny Side of the Doc, ensuring that our event remains welcoming and inclusive for everyone. 

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