Bin Zhen CUI


Deputy Director
China Intercontinental Communication Center (China)

What are your expectations and objectives for this 34th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc? What will be your highlights not to be missed during these 4 days of the market?

After a three-year hiatus, China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) will lead the “China Pavilion”, which is made up by over ten Chinese media companies, to take part in the Sunny Side of the Doc this year. We sincerely invite our friends to the “China Pavilion” booth for discussion and attend the “China Hour” event to learn more about the latest excellent works, cooperation plans and project proposals. We would also like to extend our sincere invitation to our friends to participate in the “Neu Earth” themed event where we will release the newest “Green” themed documentary and launch the latest co-production plans aiming to share stories of green development with global audiences.

Audience is the main thread of the 2023 edition, why do you think this topic is crucial for you, your company and the documentary industry as a whole? In your company, which documentary audiences do you want to target and where?

Sunny Side of the Doc chose “audience” as the theme, reflecting a hot topic for documentary industry. It brings us together to discuss ways to increase the popularity of documentaries among audiences, especially young audiences around the world, which are topics of common concern to CICC and the exhibitors of the “China Pavilion”.

CICC has been devoted to the development, production and international cooperation of documentaries with Chinese themes, which cater to the worldwide audience. We hope our documentaries will act as a vehicle to bridge the East and West exchanges to enhance the understanding of China, making it the best choice for audiences interested in learning about China.

2023 is the Year of the Documentary in France. On this occasion, can you tell us the challenges - in your opinion - of producing and distributing documentaries internationally today?

The biggest challenge is the emergence of new media. The aging of audiences also became a significant factor. Of course, we must address the issue of transnational cooperation. We believe that everyone can see the beauty in differences, find the common interest and resonance in Chinese and international film and television communication at Sunny Side of the Doc.

We are convinced that integrating new actors contributes to the vivacity of the sector. How would you present / explain - in a few words - Sunny Side of the Doc to those who do not know about the marketplace yet?

The Sunny Side of the Doc, as the most professional and influential documentary marketplace, will see new exhibitors, novel content and innovative media methods. New exhibitors will promote the emergence of new works, and diversified cooperation will produce creative ideas and exciting results.




“China Pavilion” Provides a Platform for International Cooperation


Spotlight on the programme that our Gold partner, the Chinese Pavilion, is offering to accredited participants at this 34th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc.


From June 19 to 22, 2023, the “China Pavilion” will appear at the 34th Sunny Side of the Doc, opening a cooperative platform for international media companies to enhance the interaction and exchanges between China and foreign documentary industries. After a three-year hiatus, China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) will lead the “China Pavilion”, which is made up by more than ten Chinese media companies, to take part in the Sunny Side of the Doc this year. The members will bring along a number of the most popular documentary programs from China and alluring international cooperative projects.

Members of the “China Pavilion” include film & television distribution and production organizations, TV stations, and Internet-based platforms, such as China Media Group, China Intercontinental Communication Center, Shaanxi Media Convergence, Shandong Radio and Television Station, SMG Documentary Center, Zhongshan Broadcast and TV Station, Bilibili, Cloud Inspiration (Hangzhou) Media Co., Ltd. and Xi’an Shengzhi Guang Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

The “China Pavilion” will show high-quality and meaningful projects and audiovisual products to global audiences. Many documentaries will be presented for the first time to international organizations. There are Mekong—The River from Tanggula Mountains, The Great Yellow River Delta, The Great Mount Tai, Innovations For Tomorrow: China, The Land of Spirits and National Parks of China, demonstrating China’s natural ecology and environmental protection. There are also The Colours of China, Chinese Archaeology, The Great Wall with Ash Dykes, The Ancient Site of Chengziya, Dig Deeper·Working at Sanxingdui, reflecting excellent traditional Chinese culture. Additionally, there are Our Dreams, Our Homeland, China on the Move, Shenzhong Link, Chinese Odyssey, Extreme China, The Path of Digital Intelligence, City Brain, Rendezvous with the Future, showcasing China’s social and technological development, and Silk Road Delicacies — Rice: Unearthed, Taste of Zhongshan II, Flavors of Suide County, and Tasting the Flavors of Hand-Pulled Noodles, introducing Chinese delicacies.

The “China Pavilion” has established a “one-stop” collaboration platform for international exhibitors, launching multiple highly anticipated thematic activities. With face-to-face industry exchanges, it proactively integrates high-quality resources to promote more business partnerships and project implementations. On June 20 at noon, the “China Hour” event will be held to showcase the latest excellent works, cooperation plans, and project proposals. On June 20 at night, CICC will hold the “Neu Earth” themed event (by invitation) at La Rochelle Aquarium to announce the latest “green-themed” projects and launch the newest international co-production plans, sharing green development stories with global audiences.


Media Contact:

  • Wei LIU (CICC) +86 159 1050 3797
  • Jingyi LIU (CICC) +86 186 1196 1201