Noriko Aratani, Executive Producer, Content Value Development Center, General Media Administration, NHK

1. Sunny Side of the Doc for you in 3 words?

Global, documentary, trendsetter

2. What do you expect from this reunion edition with the international documentary community?

Documentaries can change the world – the core value we share with other storytellers from around the world. At this reunion edition of SSD, we are excited to return to the discussion table to seek innovative ideas and perspectives that inspire our future production. NHK keeps exploring possibilities to develop new values and standards for our public media services. We hope to share such vision with our global partners.

3. #NewVoices, our main thread for 2022, what does this mean to you?

New voices are essential for public media. Their perspectives give our stories more depth and diversity, which is crucial to stay relevant to all groups of people in all ages. It’s our responsibility to listen to the voices of underrepresented communities and shed light on their lives. We look forward to meeting new talent and fresh voices in La Rochelle.