Katarzyna Szarecka & Adam Papliński
Respectively COO & CEO, Co-founders of Pitch the Doc

1. Sunny Side of the Doc for you in 3 words?

​Sun. Networking. Satisfaction.

2. What do you expect from this reunion edition with the international documentary community?

We look forward to meeting old friends, but also discovering new ones who have entered the documentary community during the pandemic and have been 'virtual' until now. The last two years have been a turbulent time, although everyone has been through it very separately. We want to see how much this has changed in the market and show how Pitch the Doc has evolved. But we also simply hope to return to the best traditions of networking in sunny La Rochelle.

3. #NewVoices, our main thread for 2022, what does this mean to you?

We believe that the greatest value of the world is its diversity, and the greatest need is to understand it. #NewVoices is precisely about giving voice to new viewpoints, new perspectives, or new forms of expression. It's about empowering the voices of emerging filmmakers to be seen and heard more broadly - both in our documentary community and by audiences.

Pitch the Doc and Sunny Side teamed up to embrace and nurture new talents, and help them find their place in the documentary community. Discover a wide panorama of New Voices documentary projects from around the world.