JING Shuiqing, Editor-in-chief of China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC)

1. Sunny Side of the Doc for you in 3 words?

Professional, Persistent and Inspiring

2. What do you expect from this reunion edition with the international documentary community?

CICC has cooperated with SSD for over a decade. In recent years, CICC, joining hands with Chinese films and TV distribution and production organizations, TV stations, has formed the “China Pavilion” exhibition, so as to widen and deepen the international cooperation. This year, 15 Chinese media organizations will participate in the exhibition, which will showcase 40 of China's documentary programs, and launch the annual China Pitch Session to encourage more co-productions. We believe that with the joint efforts of the international documentary community, there will be more high-quality, appealing and inspiring audio-visual products which will add splendor to the world’s TV screens.

3. #NewVoices, our main thread for 2022, what does this mean to you?

With “New Voices” as the theme, we feel directly that the SSD 2022 is bound to have brand-new participating organizations, abundant and creative cooperation contents, and cutting edge media tools to keep broadening our horizons and ways of thinking. It encourages all participants to enhance cooperation and discussion with an open and inclusive mindset so as to create new ideas and promote new cooperation, thus presenting excellent stories to world audiences from a brand-new angle. This year, new organizations will add new vitality and bring many new works and diversified new projects to the Sunny Side.