THE HUNGARIAN PLAYBOOK: from Pitch to Screen

From pitch to screen: Global Pitch 2021 winner, the documentary The Hungarian Playbook will be screened for the first time in France at Sunny Side of the Doc.French premiere in the presence of the film crew.
- Aleksandra Derewienko, Sales and Acquisitions, Cat&Docs (Distributor of The Hungarian Playbook)
- Bence Máté, Director

By Florian Schewe | GERMANY
Documentary | 45 min

The Hungarian Playbook follows the heroic struggle of a handful of young journalists against the propaganda machine of prime minister Viktor Orbán, which is becoming a role model across national borders. They are insiders who turned against the system.

Tuesday 21 June at 8:30pm - Auditorium Espace Encan

Free screening, open to the general public and professionals accredited to Sunny Side of the Doc, seats subject to availability.

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For this exceptional 33rd edition, sunny side of the doc offers two free and open to all screenings, for both the registered professionnals and the public of La Rochelle. These special events will be the occasion to celebrate Documentary film, whether produced by well-known directors - such as Jacques Perrin - or by rising talents - such as Florian Schewe.