Oceans - screening in tribute to Jacques Perrin


A loyal participant of Sunny Side of the Doc, Jacques Perrin is a pillar of the documentary industry in France and around the world.

Tribute screening in the presence of the film crew.
- Stéphane Durand, Screenwriter, scientific advisor and author of the Oceans publications
- Patricia Lignières, Communications Director Galatée films
- Olli Barbé, Executive Producer Océans

By Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud | FRANCE
Documentary | 1h44 | Released in 2010

Sailing at 10 knots in the heart of a school of hunting tuna, accompanying dolphins in their crazy cavalcades, swimming with the great white shark shoulder to shoulder... The film Oceans is like being a fish among fish.

After Himalaya and Le Peuple migrateur, Jacques Perrin takes us, with unprecedented filming methods, from the polar ice caps to the tropics, to the heart of the oceans and its storms to help us rediscover the known, unknown and ignored marine creatures. Océans questions the imprint that man imposes on wild life and responds through images and emotion to the question: «The Ocean? What is the Ocean?

Monday 20 June at 8:30pm - Auditorium Espace Encan

Free screening, open to the general public and professionals accredited to Sunny Side of the Doc, seats subject to availability.

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For this exceptionnal 33rd edition, Sunny Side of the Doc offers two free and open to all screenings, for both the registered professionnals and the public of La Rochelle. These special events will be the occasion to celebrate Documentary film, whether produced by well-known directors - such as Jacques Perrin - or by rising talents - such as Florian Schewe.