Matchmaking China by Sunny side of the doc


Our commitment to careful matchmaking between international producers, sales agents or industry experts remains intact. Throughout the year, our team aims to keep fostering international cooperation, new business and creative partnerships around projects with global appeal. This fall, Sunny Side of the Doc will help interconnect Chinese filmmakers with international producers, distributors, and other film professionals.

About the matchmaking session

Following a fruitful collaboration with the China Pavilion during the 33rd edition of Sunny Side of the Doc, the next matchmaking session (29-30 september) will support naturally the development of five factual and documentary projects coming from China looking for international partners. Selected projects will also benefit from experts advice before the session.

1. Invisible Summit

Company: MIGU Video Co., Ltd. (China)

Synopsis: The documentary focuses on Zhang Hong, the first blind mountaineer in China to challenge Everest. From a layman to a professional mountaineer, he solved all the technical difficulties and break through the physical limit. It fully records the whole process of Zhang Hong's climb to Everest from the most authentic and closest first perspective, and shows the powerful energy of life, the warmth of family and the ultimate pursuit of human spiritual dream.

China invisible summit

© Invisible Summit

2. Life in the Fields

Company: China Review Studio (China)

Synopsis: When facing an existential crisis brought by the land under their feet, the villagers are challenged by the dilemma to choose between accepting the arrangement of fate and fighting against it. The withering of rural culture, the exodus of young people, the impact of the changing times......all of these are daily struggles to be overcome. To live a better life, revitalization needs to happen. Over 100 villages in China will be visited by the film crew as they explore the deep roots of rural life to unveil the truth of the thriving and promising future of these hardworking farmers.

Life in the Fields

© Life in the Fields

3. Rooting

Company: Yunan Lucent Pictures Ltd (China)

Synopsis: "Our fathers and grandfathers, and great-great grandfathers didn’t wish for anything other than this road.”says a villager who is trying to get the authorities to build a road, which will connect them to the outer world. What changes will come to this Nu ethnic minority village?

China rooting

© Rooting

4. More Expensive than Diamond

Company: NEOMedia (Beijing)Investment Co. Ltd. (China)

Synopsis: With the development of China's economy, culture and art are also booming at an amazing speed. Contemporary art provides a unique perspective to see China and gives us a further insight into the Chinese people’s thoughts. They are collecting a large number of artworks from all over the world and creating contemporary art. The film presents a more vivid and lively contemporary China.

China More Expensive than Diamond

© More Expensive than Diamond

5. March of the Elephants

Company: China Review Studio (China)

Synopsis: March of The Elephants tells an epic journey of a herd of elephants left their homeland Xishuangbanna, moving northward across over 1,300 kilometers for almost a year and half. Their story is a mirror reflecting the relationship between man and elephants in Yunnan, China. People do their best to guide them all along the way. These giants' responses push humanity to think about their roles in the nature and the importance of protecting the home of the wildlife and biodiversity.

China March of the Elephants

© March of the Elephants