Green up the event!


As part of our responsible approach, and as signatories of the City of La Rochelle's Eco-Event Charter, discover some of our initiatives aimed at limiting our environmental impact, our consumption of natural resources and our carbon footprint.

Transport and soft mobility for our participants

  • Free provision of self-service bicycles (partnership with Yélo)
  • Free access to the electric boat shuttle on the old port
  • Please note: The event site is very close to the La Rochelle train station (5' on foot)

Transition to Zero Waste

  • Provision of returnable eco-cups, installation of self-service fountains and water points throughout the site, sale of eco-designed water bottles
  • Washable reusable crockery offered by our partner restaurants, who are themselves aware of short circuits and sustainable agriculture
  • 100% digital version of the official market catalogues, encouragement to digitalise exhibitors' documents and the press corner
  • Provision of pocket ashtrays

Waste management and reuse

  • 15 waste collection and sorting channels on the site, including more than 10 for upcycling and recycling: paper, plastic bottles, cans, cardboard cups, corks, bio-waste, scraped cotton, carpet, tarpaulin, oyster shells, Covid masks, cigarette butts, batteries, aluminium coffee capsules, all waste
  • Collection of (printed) badges, plastic bags and necklaces at the end of the event for recycling or reuse
  • PEFC-certified printing of the few essential paper documents