“Don’t Worry Sári!” wins the Sunny Side of the Doc Prize at Leipzig Networking Days of Documentary Campus!

As part of our trip to Germany, our team was delighted to participate in Leipzig Networking Days by Documentary Campus and proud to award the Sunny Side of the Doc Prize to the Hungarian project “Don’t Worry Sári!”, an autobiographical documentary picturing the life of Sári Haragonics (Director) and her family after the sudden death of their loved mother and wife, 11 years ago. The creative team wins two free accreditations for Sunny Side of the Doc 2023.

About the event

The Leipzig Networking Days are the highlight of the Documentary Campus event calendar. It is the culmination of a 10-month training programme with the final pitching of the 15 projects developed at Masterschool 2022 as well as selected Documentary Campus Creative Council projects. Pitching sessions took place on 22-23 October at MDR mitteldeutcher Rundfunk.The Sunny Side of the Doc Prize has been awarded to “Don’t Worry Sári!" produced by Campfilm Ltd. (Hungary). The team wins two free accreditations for Sunny Side of the Doc 2023.


I lost my Mum 11 years ago, which was a huge trauma in our family’s life: for me, my Dad, my brother, and my cousin. Her absence created emotional blocks we all had to deal with. I decided to follow the changes in our family dynamics with my camera because I believe that the right and dedicated attention has a healing effect. 

The film touches upon social taboos, such as mental health issues of men, changing gender roles in our societies, coping with loss, and transgenerational heritage. 

It is a situative documentary that involves the story of 3 generations of Hungarian men and me, a passionate filmmaker trying to save them. It operates with different audio-visual tools: scenes from the present, sound bites from our family chat, dreams, and family archive recorded since the 1980s. 

A short quote from the winning team

“We are honored that the Sunny Side team chose this very personal story from the 15 strong projects pitched at Leipzig Networking Days 2022! Looking forward to see you in La Rochelle!”.