About the event

Avant Première 2023 shined a special spotlight on performing arts documentaries and offered filmmakers and producers the opportunity to take their projects further!

As Sunny Side of the Doc and IMZ wish to encourage digital creation, a second pitching session was exclusively dedicated to digital content within the performing arts - innovative stories or digital installations created through new convergences of documentary, culture and immersive technologies.

Selected projects could pitch directly to international decision-makers and receive expert feedback on the spot.

Avant Première took place during the EFM European Film Market and the Berlinale through a fully on-site experience from 18-22 February 2023.

Official selections

Performing arts documentary

Linear documentary stories exploring any aspect of the performing arts – be it an artist’s portrait or a historical/genre specific documentary focusing on any music + dance content.

Swang Song


Sanctuary of Butterflies

Caminante Films

© 3B-Produktion – Büro für bewegtes Bild

Fatma Said - Reviving a Forgotten Treasure

3B-Produktion – Büro für bewegtes Bild

Breaking Music Series

AMC Networks International – Latin America

Digital creation

Native web formats, new media narratives and multi-platform content projects, as well as projects in 360, VR, AR, XR, Binaural Sound or Big Format (Dome) films in the genre of performing arts.

Mountain Symphony

sounding images

Erwartung - Mono Opera As Single-Player VR Game

Staatstheater Augsburg

The Air Loom

FMR Production

Cave Music

Bodø24: European Capital of Culture

In association with our partner IMZ International Music + Media Centre

The Vienna-based IMZ International Music + Media Centre is a nonprofit organisation that was founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1961 to preserve the performing arts as a cultural asset.

With this goal in mind, our mission is to promote the performing arts in and through audiovisual media in order to make music + dance performances available for future generations but also to reach + engage new audiences through the more easily accessible medium film.

As a global business network for more than 150 IMZ Member Organisations, the IMZ provides relevant information + opportunities for those active at the intersection of performing arts + media: leading film + TV production companies, public + private broadcasters, streaming platforms, distributors + record labels as well as opera houses, concert halls, orchestras and dance companies.