#StorytellingMatters Interview with... Christine Cauquelin, EVP Documentary and Factual and Head of Documentary TV Channels at CANAL+ Group

Sunny Side of the Doc 2021 aims at helping bring to light talents and stories which question, engage and impact.Through a series of #StorytellingMatters interviews, discover the vision of our most influential partners in the international documentary ecosystem.

Be together! Please introduce yourself and tell us briefly what your company’s main objective is at Sunny Side of the Doc.

I am Head of Documentary TV Channels at Canal+ group. So basically, I’m in charge of documentary creation at Canal+ and I manage the Canal+ group’s channels Planète+, Planète+CI, Planète+A&E and Seasons.
Our objective at Sunny Side is to share our channels’ editorial visions, outline our needs (line-up on Wednesday, June 23rd ay 11:30am), and welcome propositions from producers and filmmakers. Also, to develop collaborations with our international partners…

Be inventive! What new strategies are you looking to develop in order to attract international partners as well as provide engaging content in 2021/2022?

The Canal+ group is made up of many linear channels, and today it also features a non-linear platform called myCANAL. This allows our subscribers to discover our programmes whenever and wherever they want on any streaming device. When designing programmes for myCANAL, we have more freedom when it comes to length and format, and more creative freedom in terms of narratives as we’re addressing a wider, younger audience. 

Be aware! To that extent, what will make a good documentary pitch/encounter for your organisation this June? What’s the best way to reach out and start co-creating?  

A good pitch tells an interesting story.
Stories which are self-evident to us have a powerful narrative that pulls you in and carries you away with an overwhelming need to follow up until the end. A story is interesting when the characters, their behaviours and emotions really make us stop and think. And finally, because the story is true and meaningful, it will make an impact on those listening or watching.
For example, it could be a project for our Les ECLAIREURS collection, which follows men and women who are bringing about change and creating new, innovative ways of transforming our society. To get in touch, all our contacts are at our virtual stand.     

Be inclusive! How is your organisation stepping up to the challenge of fulfilling a mandate for a diversity of voices and a more inclusive pipeline of upcoming storytellers across the entire production process?

These values​​ are part of the Canal+ group’s DNA.
Regarding documentaries, all contracts feature a charter outlining our commitments. It requires our partner producers to pay more attention to diversity, equality and their environmental impact.
In terms of equality and diversity, more consideration is applied when it comes to programme content, but also to the production teams working on said content.
We also include an evaluation grid. We ask producers to fill it in and return it to us so we can in turn apply a data-driven approach.    

Be inspired! Who would you want to put on the spotlight at Sunny Side of the Doc 2021, for some well-earned recognition? And why?

I want to put a collective spotlight on all those who, during this difficult period, continued to develop, produce, shoot, distribute and broadcast documentaries and organise remotely any activity/event that enabled us to exchange. This resilience was essential more than ever, to tell, understand and give meaning to reality.    

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