SSD Prize handed out at AIDC 2022

All along the year, our team travels to festivals and documentary gatherings around the globe to scout enlightening stories and meet new talents. Our global journey is to encourage these creative teams around the world by awarding the most ambitious documentary projects. This week, our representatives could take part in AIDC: the Australia’s premier event for nonfiction content and is committed to supporting and elevating documentary and factual storytelling across all forms. On this occasion, Sunny Side of the Doc had the pleasure to hand out a SSD Prize to a project in the FACTory’s New Talent Showcase designed to present the brightest new screen talents to decision makers and production companies around the world.

And the winner is...

The Sunny Side of the Doc prize goes to “Our Hoolocks” a documentary produced by Mirror & Stories, Liminal Pictures Production exploring the life of a Fisherman from Barekuri, fighting to protect the Hoolock Gibbons, India’s fast-vanishing ape species. Project holders win two full passes for the 33rd edition of Sunny Side of the Doc taking place from 20 to 23 June 2022 in La Rochelle.


Barekuri, a quaint cluster of villages located in the biodiversity hotspot of Northeast India is home to the country's only ape species, the Hoolock Gibbons. The villagers have been looking after the species for over a century and consider the apes as kin. However, this animal-human harmony stands on a fragile ecological balance. Following an oilfield blast that impacted the region in May 2020, Sidhanta, a 35-year-old local fisherman, is left to grapple with the brutal aftermath of the hazardous oil blowout on his livelihood and the survival of the apes. Our Hoolocks follows Sidhanta’s journey as he fights for the survival of this endangered species of apes, the socio-economic ramification of the disaster, and the moral dilemma of working on the new oil rig as a local contractor for Oil India Limited. 

Ragini Nath (Director)  


Director Ragini Nath is a documentary filmmaker and photographer. She has training in documentary filmmaking from The New School, New York. She has previously worked at the intersection of journalism, film, and social change. Her first independent documentary production Bar and Girl, 2018 has premiered at national and international film festivals. She has also had experience working on projects for the History Channel and Bollywood. Our Hoolocks is her first feature-length documentary.  

Chinmoy Sonowal (Director)


Director Chinmoy Sonowal is a documentary filmmaker, landscape photographer, and mountaineer. He has studied creative documentary filmmaking at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New Delhi. His first film Bound By Us looked at the impacts of human intervention on a forest bounded by the city of New Delhi. He has a keen interest in working for films that revolve around conservation, natural history, and resource politics. Our Hoolocks is also his first feature-length documentary.   

Gary Byung-Seok KAM (Producer)


Producer Gary Byung-Seok KAM is the first-ever Korean documentary producer nominated for an Oscar and member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). He produced Planet of Snail (2011) which was the first Asian documentary to win Best Feature-Length Documentary at IDFA among other prestigious international awards. His filmography includes Oscar-nominated film In the Absence (2018), multi-awarded documentary Shadow Flowers (2019), and Crossing Beyond, the official Olympic film for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.    

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