Revamping the Doc Industry, Ep.3: Green production, how to be sustainable for real

In a series of online industry talks featured in our year-round activities, Sunny Side of the Doc confronted many of the most important challenges and opportunities facing the documentary ecosystem. This year, we investigated such key issues as: financing the documentary in the era of streamer-led disruption; Gender-parity and inclusion and we are now closing this series with our last chapter: Green production, how to be sustainable for real. Our series is being developed in cooperation with IDF (Institute of Documentary Film) and EFAD (the European Film Agency Directors association).

Green production, how to be sustainable for real

To work on the shift towards eco-friendly production, we need to share knowledge, experience and best practices. The session will introduce the key issues of sustainable production and some of the measures that are being implemented by both public and private stakeholders, particularly in relation to the objectives of the European Green Deal. What does it mean for Documentary filmmaking?

It is obvious that we are at a major turning point in our professional practices, just like the transition from film to video and digital editing. For professionals, this is a new adaptation that can add additional costs unless they look together for new, more economical working methods. For the younger generations, these are practices that will affect their entire professional life and which, as climate change progresses, will only harden.

Our panelists will include:
- Tim Wagendorp, Sustainability Coordinator of Flanders Audiovisual Fund & Chair of the EFAD Sustainability Working Group
- Maia Martiniak, Filmmaker
- Mohamed Sifaoui, CEO of Tënk, the online documentary platform
- Cédric Lejeune, Founder at Workflowers

This session will be moderated by Mathieu Béjot, Head of Strategy & Development at Sunny Side of the Doc.
  • Where? Zoom, Open to all
  • When? November 18, 2.30 PM CET
  • Press contact: stephane@sunnysideofthedoc.com


Speaker #1 : Maia Martiniak, Filmmaker

Maia Martiniak (1977, Slovakia) is a director and a creative producer. In her documentaries, she focuses primarily on environmental issues, women and human rights. With her debut UNSEEN, she had a World Premiere at CPH:DOX 2020 and she holds prizes: the Grand Prize and the Audience Award from the One World 2020 (Slovakia) and two Special Mentions from Docudays UA 2021 (Ukraine). From 2005 - 2006 she was co-organizer with Slovak NGO Živica of the first environmental festival, Breath of Earth. In 2007 she joined as a volunteer the European development cooperation GLEN in Mongolia. In 2015 she filmed a campaign “Live fair” for Slovak Platform for Development Organisations and in 2016 she made a TV documentary about ecological agriculture in Kenya for Slovak NGO People in Peril. From 2017 she lives in minimalism and she is focusing on a green way of living. 

Speaker #2 : Mohamed Sifaoui, Director General, Tënk  


Mohamed Sifaoui joined Tënk, the documentary-focused SVOD platform available across Europe and in Canada, in June 2021. He was previously project officer for energy saving issues at the Enercoop network, a French electric utility cooperative company, which only uses renewable energy. He has an MSc in Energy and advanced materials and an MSc in Management and Sustainable development.    

Speaker #3 : Cédric Lejeune, Founder & Media Workflow Specialist, WorkFlowers


Cédric Lejeune is a media engineer. He created Workflowers in 2006 to accompany film labs in the transition to digital. He developed services on color grading and image processing software. During 5 years at Ymagis he developed the HDR technology for EclairColor. He then relaunched Workflowers with a new partner, Benoît Ruiz, and added an environmental component to support the media sector towards more sustainable models. Workflowers offers a full range of services to support this shift, including a modular carbon accounting solution, Carbon Pilot.   

Speaker #4 : Tim Wagendorp, Sustainability Coordinator of Flanders Audiovisual Fund


Tim Wagendorp is a sustainability expert that entered the film industry when the green filming issue started to become a central one for the film and tv productions . Tim is now Sustainability Coordinator of Flanders Audiovisual Fund and Chair of the EFAD Sustainability Working Group which was initiated in February 2020 with the objective to exchange best practices and information on sustainable initiatives launched by national film funds and other partners from the public and private sectors.    

Think Young!

​For the last session of the series, Sunny Side of the Doc will give the floor to young European talents following a documentary training course. Several training institutions and schools previously contacted by our team will take part in the debate and will be able through a representative, to pass on their questions and thoughts on green production in order to find answers and hopefully change tomorrow's practices.     

Mathieu Béjot  |  Storytelling Matters  |  Sunny side of the Doc 2021



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