Welcome to the 33rd edition of Sunny Side of the Doc!

And we’re back! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… to see the international documentary community gather together again under La Rochelle’s sunny skies, after two online editions which enabled us to stay connected and united despite everything.

We’re glad to be back, yet we’re returning to a world in crisis. A world which questions its future daily and where, now more than ever before, the documentary genre plays a decisive and civic role which must be maintained and encouraged in the current global media landscape.
And it is with deep conviction that Sunny Side of the Doc returns in the flesh for a face-to-face edition, to champion and celebrate with the entire community an ideal for peaceful coexistence and to inform new, diverse and different audiences, today and tomorrow.
The 48 projects of the official selection stand out for their great diversity and singular view of today's world, echoing our 2022 thread: New Voices
Among the selection, 40% are first or second films (all categories), and new territories are being seen and heard, such as Jordan, Iceland, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates and Slovenia. The search for authenticity and new and different points of view are the main features the majority of the works selected, some of which exist in a more original format, the podcast, which is making a remarkable entry at Sunny Side this year.
This special reunion edition has a full exhibition hall with more than 80 confirmed exhibitors from over 20 countries and more than 30 international delegations representing around 500 companies.
The expected international professionals will benefit from a rich programme of events: keynotes speeches, channel showcases, pitch sessions, panels and conferences, Meet the Executives, Meet the Streamers, special screenings, networking opportunities, lunches and happy hours…
The previous two editions provided tons of takeaways for the festival to apply this year. So for 2022, Sunny Side of the Doc is reinventing itself and expanding its physical marketplace with an event platform dedicated to the event offering targeted, complementary content.
At the heart of this evolution, there is one thing that never changes: our commitment to helping new talent emerge, promoting diversity, fostering international co-productions and accelerating the distribution of quality documentaries and immersive experiences around the world.
Enjoy a happy and fruitful Sunny Side of the Doc 2022!
Roman Jeanneau, CEO & Mathieu Béjot, Director of Strategy and Development



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