Daily Menus at the Sunny Cantine

From Monday 19 June to Thursday 22 June
12pm – 2:30pm

Wednesday 21/06
Tatziki / mint / courgette
Tajine / Merguez or sausage from La Ferme de Bonneville

>> System of tokens, to be bought at the entrance to the restaurant, according to the formula you want (starter / main course / supplement / dessert / vegetarian / coffee)
Prices ranging from €10 to €25


Snacking by Countanceau

From Monday 19 to Thursday 22
9am – 7pm

Terrace: Le comptoir de Grégory
Agora Café: Le comptoir de Grégory – vegetarian corner
Meeting Area: Le comptoir de Grégory – corner Café

Poke Bowls, sandwichs, pasta boxes, sweets, snacks, drinks

Prices ranging from €6 to €13