21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32
Looking Glass International

Off the Fence

Company profile: Off the Fence is an independent factual distribution & production company. Our distribution team sells, co-produces and acquires factual programming globally, across Wildlife, Science,...
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Sideways Film

Company profile: Sideways Film is a documentary and factual sales agency that specialises in worldwide Broadcast, All Rights, Digital, Educational and in-flight licensing. We can...
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PBS International

Company profile: PBS International, widely recognized for its diverse catalog of the best documentary, lifestyle and children’s programming, is the worldwide co-production and distribution arm...
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Harbour Rights

Company profile: International TV distribution company, founded in 2010, our core business activity is the distribution of television programs to all media across Asian markets....
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Company profile: Kwanza produces and distributes documentaries, mostly international coproductions. Kwanza’s documentaries have a universal appeal, fabulous pictures, strong characters and effective storytelling in a...
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