6 documentary projects looking for funding & partners will be pitched to a targeted audience of buyers and commissioners. Each project presentation (7′) will be followed by an open Q&A with international decision makers (7′), guided by an experienced moderator.

Project #1
Hope! the greatest opportunity ever
Produced by: El Gatoverde Producciones (Spain)
Directed by: Álvaro Ron
Pitched by: Jaime BARTOLOME, Mariano BARATECH

Project #1
The rabbis’ intifada
Produced by: Gefilte Fish Films (United States)
Directed by: Heather Tenzer
Pitched by: Heather TENZER

Project #2
Framing her
Produced by: We Have a Plan (Sweden)
Directed by: Coco Wouters
Pitched by: Kerstin ÜBERLACKER, Coco WOUTERS

Project #3
Don’t worry sari!
Produced by: Campfilm (Hungary)
Directed by: Sari Haragonics
Pitched by: Inez MATIS, Sara HARAGONICS

Project #4
Forest Hana
Produced by: Water in a Glass (South Korea)
Directed by: Junsung Kim
Pitched by: Junsung KIM, Ken-Ichi IMAMURA

Project #5
Life in the shadows
Produced by: Kamay Film (Afghanistan)
Directed by: K.D.
Pitched by: Ilyas YOURISH, Khadim DAI

Project #6
Produced by: MVM Movimentos & Culturais (Brazil)
Directed by: Carine Wallauer
Pitched by:Nabil BELLAHSENE, Carine WALLAUER