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Sunny Side of the Doc

Sunny Side Welcomes Mediawan as Silver Partner

Mediawan Group, the leading independent publisher of pay TV channels, producer and content distributor, is proud to announce that it is once again backing Sunny Side of the Doc 2019 as a Silver Partner.

Mediawan Group will be present on stand A14 to meet producers, writer-directors, broadcasters and distributors. Wednesday June 26 at 5.00pm, Mediawan will showcase its new productions and editorial ambitions at a conference at the Agora. Speakers include Richard Maroko, MD of Mediawan Thematics, Marie de Maublanc, Head of programming and production for Documentary & Sport channels, Anne-Sévérine des Longchamps, Producer at CC&C, and Olivier Wlodarczyk, Producer at Ego Doc.


3 questions for Marie de Maublanc – Head of programming and production for Documentary & Sport channels at Mediawan



  • Stand up for Science! What is your policy as regards presales and coproductions for Science et Nature documentaries?

Science & Vie TV develops several documentaries every year, clearly focused on innovation and the world of the future. The preservation of our planet is at the very heart of our editorial offer, where we want to highlight human adventures and people working on working to improve things and fix problems in nature.

For example we are proud to have produced a collection of documentaries, Masters of the Elements, looking the Air, Earth, Water and Fire, directed by Elodie Fertil. Shootings took place over several months all over the world, reporting on engineers and explorers working to change our energy consumption habits. We also completed our documentary series (4×52’), Rescuing Coral Reef, and our Fixing Nature collection.

For this autumn, we are preparing a new short format, Planet Detox, with the very popular YouTuber Dirty Biology, aka Léo Grasset, an original ecological fact-checking program! Meanwhile, we continue to work with our regulars, Dr Nozman, Nexus, Florence Porcel, etc.

We are also happy to present at the Science Decision Makers’ Pitch of Sunny Side, Man 2.0 (6×52’), coproduced with Kepach, which will study the growing role of science in shaping the workings of human life of Homo Sapiens, genetically modified as Homo Technologicus and Digitalis. We are actually shooting a series, Global Science, the Most Incredible Breakthroughs (6×52’), a coproduction with Reuters and T2MP, which takes us on a world tour of scientific and medical innovations, robotics, ecology and the frontiers of knowledge of nature and space.

Whether we’re talking of one-off’s or mini-collections, big-budget international coproductions or first-time documentary projects, we offer the same attention, the same support and the same backing to our partners.

Last, but note least, we are going to continue our scientific podcasts, Science & Pop, that we launched successfully this year. And, of course, Science & Vie TV is the partner, as it has been for several years, of the Pariscience Festival and the Fête de la Science, which are two unmissable events.


  • Making History programs in the era of proliferating fake news and misinformation has become a major issue for all media. What will the documentary editorial line be for Toute L’Histoire for the 2019-2020 season?

You’re right, given the spread of fake news, the role of a theme channel like Toute L’Histoire is particularly legitimate and significant. When information is available 24/7 in real time, it seems to us that taking the time to put things in perspective is a big part of what Toute L’Histoire is all about!

Our programming is essentially focused on the major events that disrupted the Twentieth Century. Toute L’Histoire has an ambitious editorial policy, based on pre-purchasing, productions and coproductions. The 2019/2020 season is teeming with new shows. We are very lucky to be working with talented writers and directors.

Sylvain Desmille is currently editing An American Depression, produced by Les Batelières, which will go out on the anniversary of the 1929 Stock Market Crash. This archive-based film is scheduled for delivery in October. The Fall of the Iron Curtain, produced by French Connection Films will be released in November along with The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall, produced by Looks Films. And we are also finalizing the production of a film by Isabelle Gendre, Hitler’s Holy Relics.

Toute L’Histoire is gradually and successfully expanding its editorial line, with The Golden Age of Fortress Castles, produced by Peignoir Prod having been seen by really big audiences. In the same vein, we will be broadcasting a series in early autumn, Above Pyramids, produced by Label News.

International deals and collaboration enables us to increase our usual budgets; Mediawan Group is working toward that goal with our policy to get involved in projects through presales, coproduction and distribution.

Toute L’Histoire is also a privileged partner for really eventful documentaries scheduled for 2019/2020 such as Apollo 11, Retour to the Moon, directed by Charles-Antoine de Rouvre, Apocalypse: War of the Worlds produced by CC&C or Afghanistan, coproduced with Looks Films.

In the early autumn, we’ll also be launching a new magazine, If I’d Been Alive, presented by Gérard Miller, a well-known French psychoanalyst. We invite a personality to travel back in time, accompanied by a historian with expert knowledge of the period being covered. Thus Stéphane Bern, France’s leading television historian, will talk about the heritage preservation under France’s July Monarchy, while Michel Drucker, France’s best-known veteran TV host, will narrate a film on les gueules cassées, French soldiers mutilated during the First World War. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, will review the liberation of Paris during the Second World War. Each program will obviously be an original production!


  • Sunny Side of the Doc will be celebrating its 30th, anniversary, which is a reason to rejoice! What message would you like to address to the world of documentary makers, who will be gathering in La Rochelle June 24 to 27?

Above all, I’d like to thank Sunny Side of the Doc for being alive and so lively!

Thanks to the organizers who work hard all year to allow us all – broadcasters, content platforms, producers, directors and writers – to meet, exchange ideas and build relationships in this idyllic setting in La Rochelle! Cooperation between international producers and broadcasters is absolutely essential. We need Sunny Side of the Doc to be able to meet each other. Mediawan Group and Toute l’Histoire are really happy to be the sponsor once again this year of the History Lunch.

Congratulations to Yves and his entire team! This anniversary year shows every sign of being a huge success. Being 30 is a great age, mature and yet still youthful!

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