21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Sunny Side of the Doc

Three questions for Ellen Windemuth

Ellen Windemuth, Honorary President for the 30th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc kindly accepted to answer our three questions interview.


Ellen Windemuth, Honorary president and producer, Off The Fence



You have accepted the role of honorary president for the marketplace’s 30th edition: what is your earliest memory of Sunny Side of the Doc?

My first time at Sunny Side of the Doc was about 18 years’ ago when the market was still held in Marseille. I remember just how easy it was to meet industry professionals from some of the biggest public broadcasters around, such as Arte, to discuss ideas and to talk about films and trends in a laid-back atmosphere that was too business-like. I’ve always considered this event as more of a special moment for networking between colleagues rather than a just your average market, and it’s incidentally still the case.


How has the documentary genre managed to evolve and continue to be pertinent still today when it comes to revealing all our world and the societies we live in?

The documentary genre is proving to be increasingly relevant because the moving image will always be more powerful than any “PowerPoint” narrative and the majority of public speeches. Today we’re deluged in a constant flood of information that’s usually one-sided, and so offering powerful films to talk about relevant subjects in the spirit of the times fills an essential communication role for the public.


How does the Stand Up For Science slogan resonate in your job as an impact producer who creates films that champion saving and protecting our planet?

For me, Stand Up For Science rhymes with “committed to providing true, verified and wellpresented information.” We producers must all be committed to producing solid films which counteract the communication methods of numerous governments and lobbies which are used to create economic growth without compassion for humans, plants or animals

Meet her during the opening Keynote Speech of Sunny Side of the Doc 2019, Monday 24th June at 11:30am in the Agora and during the Round Table “More Than a Movie: Media with Impact” sponsored by Jackson Wild, Wednesday 26 June at 5.30pm in the Auditorium! Find out more about our program in the agenda.

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