21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Industry News All Year Round


2019 has brought an exciting new opportunity: Sunny Side of the Doc and DocumentaryBusiness.com have formed an editorial partnership to provide year-round industry analysis and plus-value content that drive our international documentary community and network.

The partnership materialises around a curated offer of:

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  • Case Studies Analysis
  • Business-focused Podcasts

“Sunny Side of the Doc is pleased to launch a full-year content partnership with Peter Hamilton’s DocumentaryBusiness.com. Through case studies, podcasts and our conference sessions, we will inspire international documentary professionals with the information they need to create, co-produce and successfully distribute their stories.”
Yves JeanneauCEO of Sunny Side of the Doc


For your professional development and reading pleasure, following is a monthly selection of stories and trends from across the international documentary landscape, shared by your friends at Sunny Side of the Doc and DocumentaryBusiness.com.

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The sharing of costs and rights on editorial partnerships is becoming increasingly important in the streaming era. Our case studies capture the development, production, distribution of compelling documentary films and reveal valuable information that will guide your own coproduction strategy.


Gain practical insight into the business of documentary, non-fiction and digital content from industry leaders – the ones that are making decisions, driving trends and change – as they participate in lively debates and interactive sessions held at Sunny Side of the Doc and moderated by Peter Hamilton.

In season 1, some of the most in-demand Science buyers and commissioners share their programming strategies and future plans for the upcoming season (2019-2020). In addition, find an interview about the evolution of the documentary landscape with Steve Burns, Curiosity Stream.