21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32
Christiane Hinz

Otto Schwarz

Company profile: ORFIII is a public value broadcaster focussing on culture and information. Job description: Responsible for three documentary slots: society, history and regional life....
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Akira Yoshizawa

Company profile: NHK is Japan’s sole public broadcaster with 6 nationwide television channels reaching approximately 50 million households. It also has large‐scale in‐house production units...
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Christopher Hoelzl

Company profile: Smithsonian Channel™, owned by Smithsonian Networks™, a joint venture between Showtime Networks Inc. and the Smithsonian Institution, is the place for awe-inspiring stories,...
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Claudia Braunstorfer

Company profile: Independent media company running several music and documentary channels. Job description: Negotiation of licence agreements, coordination of dubbing projects Thematics: Creative Doc /...
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