21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Vincent Rousseau

Archives Storytelling

Vincent Rousseau

Archives Storytelling
Le Chainon Manquant


About me: After studying literature and cinema, he spent 8 years working as an editor on dozens of documentary and advertising projects. It is while in the editing suit that he discovered archive research. In 2010, he re-trained at the INA to become a visual researcher. Vincent Rousseau joined the Chainon Manquant’s team in 2013, where he has worked on many documentary films and museum projects, managing international teams of visual researchers to bring deeply buried archives to the surface. He is now also occasionally called upon to offer courses at the INA and other institutions, to instill best practices in future generations of media professionals.

Company profile: Le Chaînon Manquant is a visual research agency that has been working alongside producers for over 25 years, bringing new life to existing audiovisual content. We are firm believers in the enduring power of images, and adamant that yesterday’s archives actively contribute to today’s creations. We work with documentary and fiction films producers, exhibition and museum curators, corporate clients, stage directors, advertising agencies, etc. We guide our clients through what can be a complex and lengthy process, providing the following services depending the need of each specific project:

• Visual research: exploring archives to select and provide relevant content

• Sourcing: identifying the rights holders of an image or audio

• Rights clearance: obtaining all the relevant permissions

• Licensing: drafting agreements in English or French

• Delivery: supplying the necessary material within the defined timeframe

Areas of expertise: Visual Reasearch, Sourcing, Rights Clearance, Licensing, Delivery