21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Mehdi Bekkar

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

Mehdi Bekkar

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel
Senior Producer


Company profile: Al Jazeera Documentary Channel is a pan-Arab satellite Arabic language film and documentary channel and a branch of the Al Jazeera Media Network based in Doha, Qatar. The channel was the first of its kind in the Arabic-speaking world.

Job description: Acting as liaison to independent producer and outlines programs to be produced by them,
evaluate finished script and rough cuts.

Strand profile: History – Various – 3D / 4K / HD – Arts & Culture – Creative Doc / Human interest

Duration: From 27 to 52 minutes – More than 53 minutes

Number of hours per year: 140 hours

Main activities: Coproduction – Others – In-house production

Recent titles: “Exit” “On the Cross Bar” “Amal ( Hayati)”