21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Marie-Odile Dupont

Educational Content

Marie-Odile Dupont

Educational Content
Réseau Canopé


About me: Marie-Odile Dupont studied at the ENS Louis-Lumière audiovisual school, and has more than 30 years of experience working on documentary projects as a sound and mixing engineer.
She has been head of Réseau Canopé’s National Audiovisual Production and Heritage Unit since 2014, coordinating some 50 audiovisual technicians based across France.
This unit produces educational films in all formats, documentaries, audiovisual resources for classroom use and animated films, and makes technical contributions to co-productions for broadcast.

Company profile: Réseau Canopé is the network for educational creation and support, acting under the authority of the French Ministry of Education. As a national public organization, we are a key player in the French speaking educational landscape.

We publish transmedia educational and training resources for the teaching community (teachers, trainers, pupils, parents, students…). These resources are multi-format and designed in a transmedia approach. They can take many forms: videos (documentaries, interviews, tutorials, filmed teaching sequences…), podcasts, paper and electronic books, magazines, websites, training modules or platforms, data banks, serious games, smartphone and tablet applications, etc.

Réseau Canopé is comprised of a network of local centers, the « Ateliers Canopé », located throughout France and that offer bookstores, libraries and training facilities. These open, social spaces are dedicated to creativity, cooperation, experimentation and training. 500 mediators work in the Ateliers Canopé to accompany the teaching community in the digital transformation.

Areas of expertise: Productions educational films, Post-production.