21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Laurent Duret

Bachibouzouk | France

Laurent Duret

Bachibouzouk | France


After graduating from ESRA, Laurent Duret began his professional career as a documentary director and production manager for Agat Films, Les Films d’Ici, Les Films à Lou, Image & Cie, Idéale Audience and Cargo Films among others.
In 1998 he obtained a scriptwriting grant from the Hachette Foundation and won the Emergence prize in 1999.
Since 2007 he has produced or co-produced numerous documentaries for Les Films d’Ici including Turn Me On by Marc Huraux and Banana Kids by Xiaoxing Cheng (2007), Astroboy in Roboland by Marc Caro (2008), The Wild Life of Domestic Animals by Dominique Garing (2009), Lhamo, The Little Himalayan Girl by Djana Schmidt, and Hip-Hop, The World Is Yours by Joshua Little Atesh (2010).
In 2012, he created LES FILMS D’ICI 2, with some partners, and produced or coproduced Fabienne Verdier : painting the moment and Elvis Costello : mystery dance by Mark Kidel and the international TV series of 8×52’ docudrama 14, Dairies Of the Great War by Jan Peter and he created a collection of economic documentaries Deciphering (6×75’).
He developed multi-platform projects such as 14, Breaking news (Golden Fipa 2014), Nestle, an empire on my plate, by Judith Rueff, Garedunord.net by Claire Simon and a poetic app I can’t wait by Claire Sichez or the website 30ansdanse.fr
He also produces corporate films and films for exhibition and museums (Musée du Quai Branly, French Pavilion Milano Expo 2015, le Musée des Confluences de Lyon, Banque de France…)
He created his own production company in 2015 – Bachibouzouk.