21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Kim spencer

KCET Link Media Group

Kim spencer

KCET Link Media Group
Senior Programming Executive


Company profile: KCETLink produces and broadcasts culturally diverse programs that engage Americans.
Link TV reaches 34 million US homes via satellite. KCET is the oldest public broadcaster in Southern California. Both
channels have vibrant websites and social media.

Job description: As co-founder of Link TV, I am responsible for the channel’s mission. I acquire programs,
develop international partnerships, and executive produce our award-winning series Earth Focus and Mosaic.

Strand profile: Creative Doc / Human interest – Current Affairs & Investigation – Arts & Culture – Various

Duration: 26 minutes and less – From 27 to 52 minutes – More than 53 minutes

Main activities: Coproduction – Distribution – Acquisition – In-house production

Recent titles: “Earth Focus” environmental series 6 x 30min, “ArtBound” 8 x 30, “Mosaic” world news