21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Jean-Samuel KRIEGK


Jean-Samuel KRIEGK



About me: Jean Samuel Kriegk’s two passions, entertainment and innovation, have led his career. In 2016 that drive brought him to work for the leader of crowdfunding: KissKissBankBank as a business developer and culture specialist.
He formerly was Chief Executive at Darewin, a digital agency in Paris, where he led the agency’s international development, a side that included clients like Disney, Warner Bros, Arte and Netflix.
In 2011, driven by a desire to build, he created the digital marketing startup SmartPanda, a company sold to La Poste four years later. Prior, and for over 10 years, he led culture/tech retailer FNAC’s marketing and communications for the Cinema & Gaming Departments.
Jean Samuel’s career began at Radio France. He later joined the sales promotions team at Warner Music. Author of “Art Ludique” (Sonatine Editions), he continues to write weekly for the Huffington Post. His beats include animated films, video games and comics.

Company profile: KissKissBankBank is France’s leading crowdfunding platform dedicated to international, innovative & creative projects. KissKissBankBank allows creators to generate funds via public participation in order to finance the projects they believe in, with a tool that allows them to maintain 100% intellectual property rights. With +10 M€ already collected for more than 2 000 movies (short and feature-length films): KissKissBankBank is an optimism generator!

Areas of expertise: crowdfunding, financing, documentaries, cinema, transmedia, communities, social media, visual arts, entertainment.