21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Hélène Ganichaud

Arte France

Hélène Ganichaud

Arte France
Deputy Head of Specialist Factual Unit


Company profile: ARTE is a public television channel that broadcasts simultaneously in France, Germany and throughout Europe. Documentaries account for 40 % of ARTE’s programming. ARTE France is a major co-producer and buyer on the international documentary market.

Job description: Deputy Head of the Specialist Factual Unit at ARTE France. Commissioning natural history,
science, expedition and history programmes.

Strand profile: History – Science & Knowledge – Nature & Wildlife – Discovery & Lifestyle – 3D / 4K / HD

Duration: 26 minutes and less – From 27 to 52 minutes – More than 53 minutes

Main activities: Coproduction – Prebuy – Acquisition

Recent titles: “700 requins dans la nuit” “La vie secrète des lacs” “Le mystérieux volcan du Moyen-Âge”