21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Institutional Funding


Institutional Funding


About us: Note that the Audiovisual Directorate team will manage autonomously meetings requests made to the CNC, in close liaison with Sunny Side of the Doc.

Meet the documentary project managers : Catherine Boucher, Valérie Fouques, Anne-Marie Grapton (FR), Guillaume Menesplier (FR), Juliette Moreau and Linda Zito

Audiovisual Tax Credit (French Producers only): Estelle PommereauSelective Fund : Camille Beaudelot

Company profile: The CNC (the French National Center of Cinema), created by the act of 25 October 1946, is a public administrative organization with a legal entity status and financial autonomy. It operates under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and Dominique Boutonnat is its President.

The CNC’s principal responsibilities are:

● regulation,

● support for the economy of the film, television, video, multimedia and technical industries,

● the promotion of films and television productions and their broadcasting to all audiences,

● the preservation and enhancement of cinema heritage.

Areas of expertise:  Public support / Development funds / Production funds / Tax crédit