21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

China Aviation Pictures

China Aviation Pictures


Our film “Panda kingdom” tells the story of seven pairs of giant panda mothers and children who have experienced several deaths and separations, failures and persistences, and finally returned to the forest from the panda wild training base. This film is the first narrator of the newborn panda – Xiuqiu, telling the story of his ancestors and their seven pairs of pandas families returning to the forest.

After five years of shooting in the field, each shot is precious. This will be the first 4K film about the nature of giant pandas in China, which will allows an unprecedented worldwide audience to the world of pandas.

We are currently opening to international market, we are seeking international partners, including co-production and distribution of this film (cinema chain), distribution of the documentary version (TV channel or online video etc).



Mingzhu Yi, Producer

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