21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

Barbara Zrimsek

RTV Slovenia

Barbara Zrimsek

RTV Slovenia
Head of Programme for Education


Company profile: RTV Slovenia is a public servic broadcaster with special cultural and national importance, with the aim of ensuring the fulfilment of democratic, social and cultural needs of the citizens.

Job description: Head of Programme for Education. In this programme, dealing with issues linked with natural and cultural heritage, language, cultural history, citizen rights, environment.

Strand profile: Science & Knowledge – Educational / Short Forms / Branded Content – Arts & Culture – Nature & Wildlife – Creative Doc / Human interest

Duration: 26 minutes and less

Number of hours per year: 10 hours

Main activities: In-house production – Coproduction – Funds

Recent titles: “Young Village Folk” “Macroregions: Alpine , Danube, Adriatic /Jonic”