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Valletta Film Lab – Documentary Workshop

21 Mar 2019
09:00 - 20:00
Valletta - Malta

Valletta Film Lab – Documentary Workshop

[March 21-23]  Valletta Film Lab is a training and development platform open to filmmakers from Malta and other small nations around Europe.

Starting in 2019, Valletta Film Lab will be selecting talented young director-writers and producers who are at the advanced stages of writing their first and second full-length feature film or are currently developing their first or second feature documentary to spend a week in the smallest Capital City of the European Union to discuss an develop their projects under the mentorship of top script-editors, film directors and cinematographers.

Other guests focusing on various fields like financing, production, marketing and distribution will also attend the lab to provide guidance to the selected projects. Following the workshops in Malta, the tutors assigned to each project, will continue following up the development process and will provide additional online consultancy for a maximum of six months.

Email us to arrange a meeting: international@sunnysideofthedoc.com