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Camp 4Science

25 Apr 2019
Oulomoc - Czech Republic

Camp 4Science

The international festival of science documentary films has been organised by Palacký University, Olomouc since 1966. In the course of the years, the small-scale private meeting has transformed into one of the biggest scientific events in Europe. It is the only festival in the Czech Republic, which provided a space for a get-together of such famous scientists as the theoretical physicist Lawrence M. Krauss and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.

Programme of the festival focuses on progressive factual films and documentary films, discussions and lectures exploring various hot topics. From research of distant planets, Earth’s oceans and global warming through the development of robotics and artificial intelligence all the way to the position of women in science and society or life online and addictions.

The driving force behind the festival organisation is mostly current and former students of Palacký University. Organising the festival is a real challenge for the festival production team, helping with the organisation, students of the university can learn a lot and develop new skills. Thus, AFO has become not only a significant science festival on the European scale but also an established educational platform.