21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Sunny Side of the Doc

Programme of Digital Culture Kick-starters at Sunny Side of the Doc 2018

4 days, 4 themes, 16 case studies, more than 20 speakers

Culture / Science & Nature / Heritage / Education

Come and learn, understand and network during the Digital Culture Kick-starters , everyday from 11.00 am to 12.15 pm in PiXii (Auditorium of Musée Maritime of La Rochelle)

In 2018, Sunny Side of the Doc is setting the Culture “in Motion” and plays its function of facilitator and exchanges ecosystem.
In partnership with INA, the Digital Culture Kick-starters are a part of PiXii and aim to makes the producers, the devices innovators (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 video, 3D sound immersive experiennce, etc.) and the players of the cultural mediation meet. These events will take place everyday from 11 am to 12.15 pm.

The aim is twofold :

  • First, to get a better understanding of the stakes and opportunities of a digital strategy to increase the visitor experience, by getting feedbacks from what has been done already.
  • Second, to offer the possibility of networking and planning co-production projects, by gathering in one place professionals with complementary profiles.


Monday 25 June: Culture


  • 11h00: How to promote the French digital creation internationally: The French Institute supporting VR’s export 

    Speaker: Agnès Alfandari of The french Institute
    Website: https://culturevr.fr/
    Since the rising of cultural creations within the #VR world and immersive experiences, the French Institute has been collaborating with the players of the sector. The Institute launched the culturevr.fr website to display on an international scale the French creations and to highlight and inform the professionals and the general public.


  • 11h15: The distribution of VR installations in cultural centres

    Speaker: Chloé Jarry of Camera Lucida
    Website: www.cameralucida.fr
    The virtual reality content creator Camera Lucida will present their range of services designed for “The Enemy” installation for cultural centres. This includes logistics support, communication media, content distribution for support organisations and various audiences.

  • 11h30: ” I Am Prepared to Die” – Mandela’s historical trial:  a holographic installation for the general public

    Speaker:  Amandine Collinet of INA
    Website: https://institut.ina.fr/
    To mark the hundred years since the birth of Nelson Mandela, Ina (the French national audiovisual institute) has produced in association with TV5 Monde, a unique show which puts the public right in the heart of the Rivonia Trial, which has been recreated in hologram and 3D-animation.


  • 11h45: Create immersive setups: dome and planetariums by the SAT

    Speaker: Audrey Pacart of Very Story
    Website: http://sat.qc.ca/ 
    Since 1999, la Société des Arts Technologiques (The Society of Technological Arts) creates, researches and develops in immersive environments. At the 400th anniversary of Quebec, six years after the launching of the programme Territoires Ouverts, they inaugurated the first inflatable immersive dome during Domagaya. It’s after 18 months of research, tests and conception that the Satosphère, first permanent immersive environment dedicated to artwork and visual activities, is launched in 2011. This dome displays a projecting screen on 360°, equipped with 157 loudspeaker and 8 video projectors to put the public at the heart of audiovisual experiences.



12h00: Q & A 


Tuesday 26 June: Science & Nature


  • 11h00: The Mystery of Extinct Giants: the VR documentary from France Télévisions

    Speakers: Luc Reder of Chuck production & Pierre Block de Friberg de France télévisions
    Website: www.francetelevisions.fr
    The Mystery of Extinct Giants is a series of documentaries (1 x 90min, 4 x 52min). Since dinosaurs died out 66 million years ago, other animals have taken over, becoming in turn, giants. Amongst them are four giant animals, who are eight to 200 times bigger than their living descendants: the Titanoboa snake, the Megalodon shark, the giant rhinoceros and the giant ground sloth. France Télévisions presents four virtual reality programmes which immerse the viewer alongside these giants from the past.

  • 11h15: Journey into the Heart of Evolution: a permanent space dedicated to virtual reality at the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution

    Speaker: Stéphanie Targui & Marie Wacrenier of National Museum of Natural History
    Website: www.mnhn.fr/fr/visitez/lieux/cabinet-realite-virtuelle
    For the first time ever in a French museum, the Muséum National d’Histoire (France’s natural history museum) will house a permanent space dedicated to virtual reality. The Cabinet de Réalité Virtuelle can be found on the third floor of the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution. The line-up kicks off with an experience that reflects the Grande Galerie’s permanent collection, Journey into the Heart of Evolution.

  • 11h30: 700 Sharks: dive into Biarritz’s aquarium with Laurent Ballesta

    Speaker: Ivan Maucuit of Neotopy & Manon Etcheverry of Cité de l’Océan – Biarritz Aquarium
    Website: www.neotopy.com
    The film 700 Sharks follows diver Laurent Ballesta as he plunges into the deepest depths amongst an aquatic ballet of hundreds of sharks. This VR mini-series produced by Neotopy will be available to the general public at Biarritz’s aquarium.

  • 11h45: The Wild Immersion: the world’s first virtual reserve

    Speaker: Fabio Niccolini of The Natural Reserve
    Website: www.thewildimmersion.com
    Supported by the Jane Goodall Institute and in partnership with Google and Lenovo, The Wild Immersion is the first ever virtual reserve in the world. Spread over three rooms and covering 3,200ft2, the concept features 360° videos of wild animals from the world over.


12h00: Q&A


Wednesday 27 June : Heritage


  • 11h00: Eternal Sites: a journey to the heart of world heritage sites at the Grand Palais

    Speaker: Ariane Orsini of RMN-GP & Etienne Tellier of Iconem
    Website: www.grandpalais.fr/fr/evenement/sites-eternels
    This exhibition takes you on an immersive experience to the heart of four major endangered archaeological sites: King Sargon’s former capital Khorsabad in Irak, the site of Palmyra, the Crac des Chevaliers and the Great Mosque of Damascus – both in Syria. This exploration uses 3D images taken by Iconem. The exhibition is organised by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais and the Musée du Louvre, in collaboration with Iconem.

  • 11h15: Maison de Clémenceau: Overlap Reality® boosting a heritage site

    Speaker: Vincent Bordes of Sky Boy, Stéphanie Lortholary of CMN
    Website: www.maison-de-clemenceau.fr
    The Centre des Monuments Nationaux has teamed up with Sky Boy to create an interactive tour of the Maison de Clémenceau in Saint-Vincent sur Jard, made for smartphones and tablets. By reconstructing small snapshots from Clémenceau’s daily life, Overlap Reality enhances the visitor’s experience!

  • 11h30: The Humanist Library of Sélestat: a digital discovery for budding copyists by Mosquito

    Speaker: Emmanuel Rouillier of Mosquito
    Website: www.mosquito.fr
    In collaboration with the scenography studio À Kiko, Mosquito has designed and created a digital tour of the Humanist Library of Sélestat in Alsace. This library boasts more than 460 ancient and modern manuscripts and 550 incunables (books printed during the second half of the 15th century).

  • 11h45: Visit sculptor Antoine Bourdelle’s atelier with Art of Corner

    Speakers: Frédéric Purgal  of Art of Corner & Philippe Rivière of Paris Musées
    Website: www.artofcorner.fr
    In partnership with Paris Musées, Art of Corner has reconstructed Bourdelle’s atelier in Paris using photogrammetry. The experience is available using Oculus Rift and HTF Vive, which the user controls via a tablet, and takes sculptures from his atelier and enhances them in 3D.


12h00: Q & A



Jeudi 28 Juin : Éducation


  • 11h00: ARTE Trips: enjoy art in an immersive way

    Speaker: Daniel Khamdamov of Arte
    Website: https://sites.arte.tv/360/fr/arte-trips-360
    ARTE Trips is a series of immersive experiences available on the ARTE360 VR-app which explores masterpieces by well-known artists. On the line-up: The Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese; Las Meninas by Veláquez; Gauguin, A journey to the Self; The Triptych of Temptation of St. Anthony by Bosch….

  • 11h15: A technological-historical educational treasure hunt by Montréal en Histoires

    Speaker: Martin Landry of Montreal en Histoires
    Website: www.montrealenhistoires.com/zone-scolaire
    Designed by Montréal en Histoires, this educational treasure hunt enables secondary school students to whizz about Old Montreal, discovering the city’s history. Working in teams, the pupils must search for answers to questions by either consulting the free mobile app or by looking at the buildings around them on their route. During their walk, the activity leaders will narrate historical tales. This device could easily be applied to other areas.

  • 11h30: Journey into the Resistance: a serious game that’s an educational tool

    Speaker: Fabien Collini of Petit Homme
    Website: www.voyagesenresistances.fr
    Produced by Petit Homme, Journey into the Resistance is a serious game about the Resistance. Designed for teenagers and young adults, this teaching tool is made to support the history curriculum programme in France for the equivalent of years 10 to 12. The main aim is to encourage learning in a fun way. The teacher uses various tools to build up the immersive experience based upon the students’ experience.

  • 11h45: Kinseye: a cardboard AR viewer designed for kids

    Speaker: Lionel Guillaume of 44 Screens
    Website: www.44screens.com
    Created by the team from 44 Screens, the Kinseye is a cardboard viewer made for smartphones which augments reality. After having created an application for AccorHotels, 44 Screens is now looking to branch out into the education sector, to bring augmented reality into schools.


12h00: Q & A



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