21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

#ASD15 Fresh Takeaways – Interview of Beniko Tatsuhiro (ABU)

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Let’s find out more on the Big Cities meeting held on March 18 at Asian Side of the Doc. Asian and international broadcasters were invited to join the global cooperation and cross-media initiative between the world’s associations of public service broadcasters, including ABU (Asian Broadcasting Union), ASBU (Arab State Broadcasters Union), COPEAM (Permanent Conference of Audiovsiual Operators in the Mediterranean), EBU (European Broadcasting Union), ERNO (South-Eastern Europe), NORDVISION (Scandinavian Countries) : BIG CITIES. BIG CITIES has been developped by TAL (Televisão América Latina) in Sao Paolo, Brasil, and is a follow project to the successful global collection COLOURS OF FOOTBALL (http://coloursoffootball.tal.tv/).