21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

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Relive the 7th edition of the International Co-production Forum & Asian Doc marketplace for Documentary that took place in Bangkok from October 31 to November 3, 2016.

#ASD15 Fresh Takeaways- Interview of Aqil Ahmed

Asia is going global! BBC’s Head of Commissioning for Religion & Ethics shares his reasons to be back at Asian Side this year – live from Xiamen.

#ASD15 Fresh Takeaways- Interview of Rudy Buttignol

From Asia to the rest of the world! Knowledge Network’s President and CEO, Rudy Buttignol (Canada), shares his fresh takeaways after 2 days of pitch moderating at the Asian doc marketplace event.

#ASD15 Fresh Takeaways – Interview of CHEN Hong

Only recently, creative documentaries have started to find their audiences in theathers in China, passing by new funding schemes At Asian Side of the Doc 2015, festival organisers, producers, distributors and filmmakers gathered...
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#ASD15 Fresh Takeaways – Interview of Vincent Leclercq

The CNC (French National Center for Cinematography) Director of Audiovisual and Digital Creation is currently attending Asian Side of the Doc for the first time with the objective to ease co-productions between France...
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#ASD15 Fresh Takeaways – Interview of May-Yi LEE

May-Yi LEE is VP, National Geographic Channel (NGC) Regional Production & Development for Asia Pacific & Middle East tells us why Asian Side is a key marketplace to attend. NGC has announced teaming...
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