21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Sunny Side of the Doc

PiXii Festival : a new festival, a new market

After two successful years, PiXii continues to get bigger!

Dedicated to new narrative experiences for cultural institutions, the 2019 edition features both a market and festival space measuring 900 square metres right in the heart of the Musée Maritime, taking place 24th to 27th June alongside the Sunny Side of the Doc market.

La Rochelle, 5th June 2019 – As part of the 30th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc, which takes place on 24th to 27th June 2019 in La Rochelle, the special PiXii (Paths of Interaction, Experiences in Immersion & Innovation) programme offers new digital mediation possibilities, bringing together content producers, cultural actors and innovation technology companies.

Call for proposals- 15 innovative installations chosen
15 immersive installations were selected following a call for proposals for the PiXii Festival. They will be presented in the brand new 900 square metre-space which is open to accredited industry professionals during the four-day market. The general public will also get a chance to explore and try out these immersive projects during the afternoons (1).

PiXii Festival jury member, Nina Diamond (Managing Editor and Producer in the Digital Department at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York) explains: “Since the earliest storytellers – cave painters and Homer, what we call ‘immersion’ has always been a goal. We all have the same timeless desire to transform the audience into participants, to make them feel and think something new, and change.” The winner of the festival will be awarded with the PiXii Grand Prix worth €5,000.

Since the earliest storytellers – cave painters and Homer, what we call ‘immersion’ has always been a goal. We all have the same timeless desire to transform the audience into participants, to make them feel and think something new, and change. – Nina Diamond


Discover the full line-up and jury members.

PiXii Kickstarter: case studies and pitch sessions on the agenda
Designed to offer feedback, or rather project post-mortems, for immersive device projects (audio, video, VR), the aim of the PiXii Kickstarter sessions (sponsored by KissKissBankBank) is to connect tech project managers, content producers and cultural institutions (museums, heritage sites, tourism organisations, aquariums, etc.). At the end of each session, an immersive digital project will be pitched to industry professionals.

On Tuesday 25th June, Arts & Culture will be the theme, with Nicolas Thépot’s VR experience “Claude Monet – The Water Lily Obsession” as the case study, alongside Chloé Jarry, producer (Lucid Realities) and Saskia Bakhuys, head of audiovisual production (Musée d’Orsay). Director-producer Nicolas Rouilleault (Novelab) will pitch his project “Mano Solo or the adventures of Mazda”.

History & Heritage is the theme for Wednesday 26th June, with Valérie Senghor, deputy managing director in charge of innovation, development and major projects (Centre des Monuments Nationaux) presenting “The Heritage Incubator”, followed by a pitch from Olivier Quibel (Serious Frames) for the project “Virtual Museum”. And finally, under the theme Science and Education, Max Salomon (Black Dot) will reveal all about the 250-seater 360° cinema he ran at the National Geographic museum in Washington. Meanwhile, Pascal Goblot (Escalenta) will talk about “Data of the Future”, an immersive show created using prospective data.


Narrative experiences: storytelling and platforms at the heart of documentary

Two conferences will be held to provide a better understanding of the challenges surrounding new narratives for augmented, immersive and multi-media documentary. On 24th June (5pm, Agora), “Innovative Storytelling Forms and Platforms” will take an in-depth look into new productions designed for a connected audience, with Déborah Papiernik (Ubisoft), Yves Ubelmann (Iconem), François Fripiat (Demute), Agnès Chauveau (INA) and Caroline Baldeyrou (ARTE).

On 25th June at 12pm, Netflix give participants an insight into the documentary projects that the platform is looking to make, as well as presenting their vision for international collaborations.

The same day at 4pm (Musée Maritime Auditorium), six major French-speaking digital media platforms will present during a 90-minute slot their agendas and co-production and acquisition strategies, as well as precious information on the types of programmes they are looking for. Participants include: Gilles Freissinier from Le Vortex (ARTE), Marie Mora Chevais from Zeste de Science (CNRS, also sponsor of this reverse pitch), Antonio Grigolin from Slash (France Télévisions), Nadine Dufour from Savoir media (Quebec), and Serge Gremion from Tataki (RTS).


Digital mediation and cultural innovation: special programme
As part of its mission to provide support for original productions and cultural innovation, the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad are inviting 15 different international industry professionals to discover French digital mediation and cultural innovation actors, from 24th to 28th June 2019, between La Rochelle and Paris. The delegation will be invited to discover both PiXii and the various project leaders on 25th to 27th June. Their visit will include demonstrations and pre-arranged speed-meetings with both French and foreign industry professionals.

On 26th June at 2.30pm, a round table titled “Co-creation, co-production and co-distribution for museums” will be held, featuring Scott Gillam (Canadian Museum for Human Rights), Daniel Khamdanov (Arte France), Annick Jacobovitz (France Télévisions), Nathalie Bourdon (National Film Board of Canada) and Björn Jensen (Reef Dist). They will discuss new cooperation opportunities with the aim of creating high-added value factual content for museums.

On 27th June at 2pm, a Focus session titled “Innovative digital heritage projects: a new way of developing tourism in your area” is taking place at the Musée Maritime, in association with Communauté d’Agglomération de La Rochelle and Charentes Tourisme. Techniques, economic models, narratives: digital is disrupting our habits. Several studios and companies will come share and present their digital heritage projects and explain how they can be used to promote and add value to an area.

Europe’s Got Talent: Sunny Side supports the new generation of content creators
In 2019, Sunny Side of the Doc awarded nine grants to new producers from Central and Eastern Europe, helping to give them access to the international documentary market, create new commercial and creative relationships and develop their various projects.

Europe’s Got Talent 2019 grant recipients include:
Mariia PonomarovaBurlaka Films (Ukraine)
Vladislav Ketokovich Ethnofund (Russia)
Magdalena PetrovićLewa Productions (Croatia)
Kata Oláh Makabor Studio (Hungary)
Biljana TutorovWake Up Films (Serbia)
Petar GlomazićCUT-UP (Montenegro)
Ágnes Horváth-SzaboElf Pictures (Hungary / selected for the Social & Human Interest Pitch for the project “Touch Wood”)
Karol Jalochowski13Dimension (Poland)
Radim ProcházkaPRODUKCE RADIM PROCHÁZKA (Czech Republic)


(1) Ticket office at La Rochelle’s Musée Maritime entrance from 1.30pm to 5.30pm. Tickets are valid on the day of purchase only.

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