21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Sunny Side of the Doc

NipponNordic and Sunny Side of the Doc join forces to help find hidden animated gems

NipponNordic and Sunny Side of the Doc join forces to keep on developping cross-borders cooperation and co-production

NipponNordic – Universe Accelerator 2018 is a 4 week artist residency for creative concept development, individual mentorship and cooperation between Japan and Scandinavia.

Sunny Side of the Doc‘s representative, Mathieu Béjot, will be in attendance on Pitch Day (September 24) and share valuable insight on how to access the international marketplace during one-to-one meetings (September 25).

The SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC PITCH AWARD will also offer an important pitching opportunity for one of the 16 projects in development.

Hosted by The Animation Workshop, the participants will develop worlds and original concepts. This second year has been conceived, based on the results of 2017, to be more flexible, to improve the experience of the individual participants and to match the expectations of the producers, partners and investors. For four weeks in September 2018, The Animation Workshop, Scandinavia’s leading center for animation, visualization, and graphic storytelling, will gather acknowledged tutors to supervise day after day the 16 participants.

“It is part of Sunny Side of the Doc’s prerogatives to keep on searching for hidden gems and hybrid projects that are not essentially documentaries but in strong relation with our documentary culture” commented Yves Jeanneau, CEO of Sunny Side of the Doc. “In an international marketplace where genres, means of expression, technologies are mixed, that is our role to create surprises and support new emerging artists and stoytellers able to transcend barriers.”

The NipponNordic – Universe Accelerator goal will be to enhance the selected concepts: universes, story worlds and paper-prototypes, either related to video or mobile games, animated TV series or Web series, true-story based animation and serious games, VR, AR or transmedia. Although the two territories are geographically very far apart from each other, there exists a mutual respect and curiosity towards the cultures and traditions of each other. What can create better understanding between people than working together with the ambition to identify and realize yet unknown visions?

Chinese creator Xinxin Liu, based in Japan, brought in her innovative approach when she pitched her animated TV series “Toto’s House” at Sunny Side of the Doc last June. She also won the award for Best Culture and Digital Creation Pitch.

What followed on from your pitch at Sunny Side of the Doc 2018? Which new/potential partners did

Xinxin Liu’s original illustration of her Sunny Side of the Doc experience, featuring Toto character

you attract?

After pitching, several companies* showed their interested in Toto’s House at Sunny Side of the Doc. I had fruitful meetings with them and we are now keeping in touch, discussing more precisely our opportunities of cooperation. In the meantime, I’m working on the storyline of each episode. In addition, Marineta Kritikou, Animasyros Agora coordinator, offered me an opportunity to attend this year’s event in Athens.

*production companies specialized in digital media and museums

How did “Toto’s House” benefit from Sunny Side of the Doc, a platform open to all documentary forms ?

Sunny Side of the Doc was an excellent opportunity for me to access to international marketplace. Thanks to this first experience and the critical feedback received, I was able to evaluate both the strengths and areas of improvement of my project. What impressed me most was that pre-meeting with the two moderators of the « Culture and Digital Creation » pitch session, Mara Gourd-Mercado and Nick Ware. Their advice was very helpful to drive my pitch in the right direction and make it relevant to documentary professionals and digital culture players.

As a newcomer and a content creator, I found it very easy to develop my professional network, schedule and run efficient meetings and find ressources I needed to offer my concept more opportunities to get funded and producerd. I also attended many great master classes and presentations at Sunny Side of Doc that were so inspiring.

What’s your message for the 16 artists from Japan and Scandinavia now following your steps and in residence in Viborg until September 30?

I hope all of you are having a great time at NipponNordic! I’m delighted to share my experience at Sunny Side of the Doc with you guys. Don’t feel isolated even if you’re the only one involved on your project at this stage, because there are so many industry professionals out there ready and pleased to give you advice, help you find co-producers, and even introduce you to the right decision makers directly. So it’s a good thing the Sunny Side of the Doc Pitch Award is reconducted this year and I do recommend you to attend it anyway. The time spent walking around all exhibitors booths, companies from so many different countries, talking about your projects cannot be wasted. That’s the way you create opportunities and gather a lot of useful information. Good luck to all of us!

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