Documentary Campus Powerhouse 2023: A Flood of Sunny Side of the Doc Prizes!

Our team was attending the inaugural Documentary Campus Powerhouse, a new unique meeting place that unites all the programs: the SILBERSALZ Institute Pitch, the Masterschool Pitch, the Science & Media Awards – and, the new Progress History Summit, presented for the first time in Halle (Saale).On this occasion, our team was invited to hand out special prizes within the DC Masterschool selection and the PROGRESS History Summit selection. Additionally to the special prizes - and in order to encourage european countries who are less represented on the international market to take part in our activities - our team handed out a special grant to one of the projects listed in the DC Masterschool selection.

Documentary Campus Masterschool Selection

The Masterschool is a 10-month long training for non-fiction projects looking to thrive in international markets and successfully finance and produce original factual-based formats.

Discover the projects awarded by Sunny Side of the Doc in the DC Masterschool category.

Produced by: Thea Films (Bulgaria)
Directed by: Dolya Gavanski

Tagline: An actress, reluctantly cast as the voice of a cult heroine, discovers the complex inner life of female gamers.

My voice touches 35 million people. I’m the slightly sceptical star of what has become one of the biggest online games on the planet. At home, my son and I tussle constantly over his absorbing but troubling gaming habit. As the voice of Zarya, the mighty avatar in 'Overwatch', I am overwhelmed by the sudden, passionate attention of newfound fans. However, an invitation to join a campaign against the toxicity young female gamers face online challenges my perceptions. I discover a space where young women express their identities empowered by their gaming characters. Through Zarya, I discover their unheard and complex struggles.

Award: 2 free Market Passes for Sunny Side of the Doc 2024.

Produced by: Film.UA Group (Ukraine)
Directed by: Eugene Sannikov

Tagline: Having lost his sight clearing mines in Ukraine, Vlad embarks on a quest to find a technology able to restore his vision.

Synopsis: Vlad lost his sight in 2022 while clearing mines in Ukraine. After becoming blind, he has a lot of questions about the future of sight restoration. We will embark with this young man on a quest to find a technology that can restore his vision, visiting the cutting-edge labs of the world's top innovators and scientists. Through Vlad's discussions with them, we'll get closer to understanding the new technologies, innovative cases, prototypes, progress of trials and setbacks. Ultimately their groundbreaking work and their promise of vision will bring us closer to turning science fiction into reality.

Award: 1 Europe's Got Talent Grant supported by Creative Europe’s MEDIA programme + 2 free Market Passes for Sunny Side of the Doc 2024.



Europe's Got Talent Grant !

With the ongoing support from the Creative Europe’s MEDIA programme, we're committed to encouraging european countries who are less represented on the international market to take part in our activities by handing out each year, special grants enabling them to participate at lower costs. This year, we congratulate the production of Promise of Vision, whom we awarded this prize !

                  « It is our honor to receive Europe’s Got Talent Grant. We are deeply grateful to the Sunny Side team for recognizing the potential of 'Promise of Vision' among the remarkable projects pitched at the Documentary Campus Powerhouse in Halle 2023. It inspires us to share our impactful story with a global audience in the future. 'Promise of Vision' is a science documentary with a soul. Сentred on the personal, touching and relevant story of a young man, Vlad. He lost his sight clearing mines in Ukraine. And now he goes on a quest to find a technology able to restore his vision. We developed a special visual effect to show how Vlad might see in the future using advanced neuroscience. The system of illuminating dots illustrates this vision, reflecting the main theme of our story.

We cannot wait June next year to become a part of beautiful Sunny Side of the Doc and share our project with unique and professional audience gathered in La Rochelle. »

Lyubov Krokhmalna | Producer of Promise of Vision

PROGRESS History Summit Selection

The PROGRESS History Summit invites those involved in historical film production worldwide to an open dialogue about their collective impact. The History Summit is an international platform to question traditional cinematic storytelling, to open new perspectives, and to initiate innovative projects. Keynote speeches, panel discussions, thematic group talks, moderated lunch roundtables, one-to-one meetings, and evening receptions facilitate connections for filmmakers in a divided and divisive world.

Discover the project awarded by Sunny Side of the Doc in the PROGRESS History Summit Selection.

Produced by: Florianfilm GmbH (Germany)
Directed by: Katharina Warda & Jascha Hannover

Tagline: In the 1970s, an enthusiastic solidarity movement for Black civil rights activist Angela Davis emerges in the GDR. She attracts tens of thousands of people during her visits to the country. But all this enthusiasm is deceptive. Co-director Katharina Warda tells this often-overlooked piece of Black East German history from her personal perspective.

Synopsis: When the Black Marxist Angela Davis was imprisoned and faced the death sentence in the US in the early 1970s, the states of the Eastern bloc started a massive solidarity campaign: Under the slogan "1 Million Roses for Angela“, citizens from the GDR, Czechoslovakia and Russia wrote tens of thousands of postcards demanding her release. After she was acquitted, she visited the socialist countries – and was welcomed by enthusiastic crowds. But was Angela Davis naïve about the actual political situation in the Eastern bloc? And what do her visits tell us about the lives of Black people in the GDR? OUR SISTER ANGELA tells a tale about the Cold War, the GDR's ambiguous solidarity with Black liberation movements around the world - and a forgotten piece of Black East German history.

Award: 2 free Market Passes for Sunny Side of the Doc 2024.