21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Sunny Side of the Doc

Japanese-Chinese co-production awarded by Sunny Side of the Doc at CCDF 11

Sunny Side Award handed out in Taipei at 2020 CCDF Pitching Forum

All along the year, our team travels to festivals and documentary gatherings around the globe to scout enlightening stories and meet new talents. Our global journey is to encourage these creative teams around the world by awarding the the most ambitious documentary projects.

Winners get the opportunity to attend our annual marketplaces events, expand their network with established and emerging doc professionals and find funders to complete their stories.

The eleventh edition of the CNEX Chinese Doc Forum (CCDF-11) closed yesterday with an Awards Ceremony that shared 13 prizes among 8 projects pitched during the celebrated CCDF Pitching Forum. Given the pandemic, CCDF-11 was a hybrid event, conducted both live and with pre-recorded elements supplemented by online participation from around the world. At times over 100 delegates in Taipei were joined by 250 online contributors and observers across 9 time zones.

The Sunny Side of the Doc Award has been given to the Japanese-Chinese co-production Driving Into The Storm, a promising documentary project relating the story of chinese truckers and their families in a changing economic landscape; showing the risks and dangers they face while delivering online orders; and exposing the painful and harsh reality hidden behind the veneer of China’s sudden prosperity.

The project directed by Tenji TAKAKURA (Japan) and produced by KANG Shi-wei (China) and LIU Shan-shan (China) also won the top prize for the Best Pitch.

Mathieu Béjot – Director of Strategy & Development, Sunny Side of the Doc

“Driving in to the Storm exposes the flip side of online shopping as it follows one of the 30 million truck drivers in the logistics industry in China.

This Chinese-Japanese coproduction is character-driven with outstanding footage. Its appeal and relevancy are truly universal and we trust that Sunny Side of the Doc will help it find more international partners.”


Driving Into the Storm – Synopsis

With the rapid ascendancy of Alibaba in 2000, online shopping has become a fixture of Chinese people’s daily lives. Orders from a billion people have led to an explosive development of the logistics industry to meet their demands. Today there are over 30 million truckers in China responsible for moving 80% of the total domestic cargo.

These people work endless hours, trading their lives and their health for money, while serving as an essential part of the modern Chinese economy. Dealing within an unregulated sector and vicious competition, they are left with one foot on the gas and the other on the doorstep to hell.

“Driving into the Storm” tells the story of these truckers and their families; it shows the risks and dangers they face while delivering online orders; and it exposes the painful and harsh reality hidden behind the veneer of China’s sudden prosperity.

About Tenji TAKAKURA

Tenji TAKAKURA, Director of “Driving into the Storm”

“During COVID-19, we are all experiencing unimaginable tough and difficult times. Under such crazy circumstances, I have made this TV documentary with my Chinese team even though I had to direct remotely.   By facing the real life of Chinese truck drivers, I became keen to tell the inside story of current Chinese society that drives into the storm of capitalism so rapidly. I have decided to continue following the same protagonist after COVID-19 world so he will overcome his new life. To introduce his family, friendship and battle with his colleagues,  I want the world to know this dynamism of people’s life in unstable yet fragile China.”

TAKAMURA traveled alone across Asia and Europe in 2007. Through travelling alone, he felt the differences of nationality, religion and culture . So he started to make the documentary filming. In 2013 the East Japan Earthquake, he interviewed a lot of persons who lost their family. Until now he created 20 programs for NHK, ranging from sensitive human dramas to adventure pieces. The documentary filming truck drivers in China wins the Best Documentary Award of JSBA Original Programming Awards and Award of Galaxy Award.


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