21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Sunny Side of the Doc

ARTE, Gold partner and European culture channel committed to Science

For its 30 anniversary edition, Sunny Side of the Doc calls on the international documentary broadcasters to Stand Up for Science

Continuation of our blog series and unique opportunity to discuss the place of science storytelling in the international audiovisual landscape. Privileged partner of Sunny Side of the Doc, the European cultural channel ARTE shares its active reflection and creative developments on all screens in this area.




ARTE is committed to bringing science to a large European audience with a broad range of programmes designed for television and internet.

Science documentary is an unmissable genre on ARTE, more than a simple program, it is a weekly date. 

Science appears on ARTE as a regular 52-minute fixture every Saturday during the second half of the evening. Created 13 years ago, ARTE-Sciences is a documentary-based output dedicated to the latest scientific developments from across the globe. It leads viewers on an investigative adventure and sets the barrier high in terms of both style and substance. Centred on the most recent discoveries and innovation, the films reveal and decode science in action – tackling every field of science, from astrophysics to biology, neuroscience to earth sciences…The aim of these films is to inform, to probe and to change the way we see the world and ourselves. (E.g. The Blob: A Genius Without a Brain, Gut Flora: The Power of Our Stomachs, 2049: Mobility of the Future, Homeopathy: Alternative Medicine or Pseudo Science …).

And because the environment is one of the biggest concerns of our generation, ARTE takes to grips with the matter

Science on ARTE is also about science which highlights the dangers of natural cataclysms (Asteroid Alert, Tsunamis Hunters), major environmental issues (Wild Fires: Investigating the Latest Epidemic, Coral: Nature’s Ultimate Transformer) and scientific and technologic advances with reference to their social and ethical implications (Genetic Revolution: Shaping Tomorrow’s World, Screen Generation: A Sick Generation?). With so many hot topics to cover, some are occasionally developed into major 90-minute scientific investigations which delve into both the research achievements and all the questions such exploits raise.

For ARTE, Science isn’t just a lab subject. Traveling the world and discovering it is also and important part of science.

Science on ARTE is about exciting adventures driven by curiosity and the pure passion for discovery. The second half of Saturday’s programming features previously unseen, spectacular exploratory missions (Interstellar Odyssey, Mediterranean Planet) and major archaeological investigations which reveal some of the most extraordinary discoveries (Home Sapiens: A New Departure, The 1001 Face of Palmyra, The Lost City of the Black Pharaohs). The evening kicks off with series dedicated to revealing secrets of the natural world and all its spectacle, in both an informative and captivating way (Secret Migrations, Costa Rica: Paradise Rediscovered, The Wonderful History of Evolution).

Digitally speaking, Science is naturally available on replay via arte.tv, but also across our social media and streaming platforms.



For more than 10 years now, ARTE has been creating original programmes specially for digital media around different areas of science, from documentary series (A Separate Species, Data Science vs Fake, Sciensible, and coming this autumn, Reconnexion…), immersive experiences (Antarctica Expedition, 700 Sharks) or programmes adapted to how social media is used and consumed (like the recent YouTube channel Le Vortex dedicated to making science more accessible). The wealth of programmes on offer enable the channel to bring science to connected audiences across the whole of Europe.


Register to the 30th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc from June 24-27 2019 to meet ARTE teams directly on their booth. 


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