PiXii Festival

2022 Call for entries

An immersive festival in the heart of La Rochelle

Immersive experiences unlock new forms of interaction and new ways to engage audiences deeper with compelling content and new technologies. PiXii Festival steps firmly into this dimension of storytelling and offers the newest and greatest immersive experiences to industry professionals and the general public that are both eager for innovation and discovery.
Since 2017, PiXii Festival gathers global content creators, innovative tech studios & companies, and cultural decision-makers, and provides a dynamic space to help them expand opportunities, networks, and collaborations within the cultural and creative industries.

Thanks to its synergy with Sunny Side of the Doc’s marketplace, PiXii Festival manages to bring XR projects and their creators in front of more media, potential co-production partners, distributors, and investors. Its programme includes specific on-site and / or online roundtables, matchmaking and case studies based on immersive experiences, with a spotlight on content exhibited at PiXii Festival.

Why exhibit at PiXii Festival?

A 6-day event, a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Showcase your expertise to a qualified audience and bring to the market technical solutions and new applications enhancing digital mediation;
  • Grow your business opportunities with new clients and cultural partners;
  • Build new connections with content producers to diversify your business.

The 6 cultural venues of La Rochelle shortlisted in 2022:

  • Tour de la Chaîne (Centre des Monuments Nationaux)
  • Museum d’Histoire Naturelle
  • Musée du Nouveau Monde
  • Hôtel de Ville de La Rochelle
  • Maison Henri II – Centre Intermondes
  • Eglise Saint-Sauveur​
To enhance the festival’s experience, and after a successful 2021 edition, PiXii Festival has teamed up again with several of La Rochelle’s most emblematic cultural and heritage sites. These locations are carefully selected to ensure that visitors enjoy diving in a variety of immersive stories in the best conditions and settings.

PiXii Festival is a free event, taking place over 6 days (including a weekend) in a pleasant and very sunny city known as one of France's loveliest coastal… in a word: THE place to be and to exhibit your XR creations in June!

What we are looking for?

Eligible projects

  • All talents can apply: filmmakers, producers, digital creators, game & interactive designers;
  • From all countries: only requirement being that submissions must be written in English;
  • The following types of film can participate in PiXii Festival:
    • Virtual reality / 360 / Interactive: documentary, museum installation, tourism attraction
    • Augmented reality: documentary, entertainment, museum installation, tourism attraction
    • Large format: Mapping
    • Binaural sound: documentary, museum installation, tourism attraction

Projects Assessment

In 2022, to remain at the forefront of immersive storytelling, PiXii Festival aims to feature an international selection of XR immersive experiences and digital installations in La Rochelle’s hosting sites.  
Organisers are looking for original narrative concepts focused on the user’s experience and created at the intersection of documentary, culture and immersive technologies. The interactive or immersive component can leverage any digital technologies VR, AR or mixed reality, 3D audio, 3D imaging, mapping
XR experiences submitted will be assessed based on the following criteria:      
  • The strength and originality of the story
  • The elements of immersion/engagement
  • The international potential
  • The unbiased quality of information
  • The evidence of social impact
  • The commitment to diversity and inclusion

The submission process

    • Once you’ve submitted your program, our team will check all the requested information to validate your application.
    • Then a professional jury, composed of industry experts and cultural stakeholders (including representatives of the local hosting venues), evaluate and select the best applications according to the assessment criteria described below.
    • The selected programs are then assigned to the cultural sites partners of the Festival so as to enhance them as much as possible according to both the subject and the technical conditions.
    • All projects in official selection are competing to the “Grand Prix PiXii” endowed by our sponsors and partners.
      Please note that awards are not guaranteed and determined each year at the sole discretion of the Festival.

Photo Gallery

Stéphane Malagnac
Head of Innovation & PiXii Festival

Ninon Roulin
PiXii Festival Assistant



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