21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


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History Inside/Out | The challenge of historytelling with Caroline Haidacher, ORF Universum History

How is your network/channel stepping up to the challenge of historytelling to empower young audiences ?

Caroline Haidacher, ORF Universum History

We position our Universum documentary brand and its topics on other ORF platforms and outlets that have a younger audience. Our highly competent team of journalists pitch related topics to the radio, to the web and to the social media team. In addition, on the day of broadcast, short two-to-three minute reports are published online and in magazine programmes, and there is a cross-reference to the documentary in the evening. We reach a far wider and younger audience through media other than TV.

We also tell stories from “below”, about “normal people” rather than only about queens, kings or generals. This includes topics about oppressed groups, people who rose up against discrimination or repressive systems and, of course, stories about women who broke boundaries. Younger audiences want figures they can identify with, and inspiration; they want to be encouraged in their journey.

And finally, we choose topics that are related to current events, topics that are in the public eye at the moment. We believe that historical events are easier to understand if they can be associated with the present. If we look at the contemporary Black Lives Matter Movement, which in Europe is carried out primarily by young people, we can see that there is existing awareness of historically-grown structures and a significant desire to change them. An understanding of history offers tools to young people, which we can make accessible through powerful storytelling.

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