21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Sunny Side of the Doc

Great Chinese stories and partners to connect with at Sunny Side of the Doc

Network with the Chinese factual scene

The Chinese factual content sector has a special place within Sunny Side of the Doc, welcoming each year a large delegation of 60 Chinese TV executives, decision makers and content producers in a long-term partnership with CICC.

For our 30th anniversary edition from 24-27 June 2019, China will be showcasing its wide range of talents and programmes destined for international networks, under a dedicated country pavilion. Despite the increased focus on original programming in China, acquired content will remain an integral part of broadcasters and online platforms’ content strategy. The large and growing Chinese audience appetite for documentaries and factual series, particularly online, is also expected to boost spending on non-fiction programming.

Chinese companies in attendance in 2018 : Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. // Beijing Creating Hands Culture & Media Co., Ltd // bilibili // BNU Documentary Study Centre // CCTV – China Central Television // China Aviation Pictures // China Central Television 9 // China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) // CNEX Foundation Limited // Foreign Affairs Office of Jilin Province // FUTURE TV Co., Ltd.// Jilin Animation Institute // Real-Image Media Co., Ltd // Shenzhen Top Vison Film Co.,Ltd. // The West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF) // Yunnan International Channel of Yunnan Radio and TV Station // Colorful Nature Films // Flanboyant Film.

Below are some of the written testimonials that we have received from:

ZHANG Bo, Producer – Bilibili (Tencent)

YI Mingzhu, Producer – China Aviation Pictures








TIAN Yuan, Head of International Acquisitions and Co-production – CCTV9


ZHANG Bo, bilibili: Sunny Side of the Doc is a perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new partners, scout good projects to co-develop and co-produce and test the market with our own productions. Last year was my first time attending on behalf of bilibili. However, during my numerous participation in both Asian Side of the Doc and Sunny Side of the Doc, new partnerships were established, co-funders found, buzz generated, mutual understanding reached, and last but not least, our voices from China have been heard and understood.

TIAN Yuan, CCTV9: Being responsible for acquisitions (up to 400 hours yearly) and co-productions of the CCTV Documentary Channel (CCTV9), Sunny Side of the Doc offers a perfect platform for me to meet delegates from French and European distribution and production companies. I can also attend keynotes and sessions to explore opportunities for further international co-production cooperation. During last year’s edition, CCTV9 developed co-production project: A Wolf’s Journey with France 2 and French production companies GALATÉE FILMS, PAPRIKA FILMS and KWANZA. We also got the chance to promote our in-house productions like AERIAL CHINA and FORCE OF NATURE.

YI Mingzhu, China Aviation Pictures: We come at Sunny Side of the Doc to expand the international cooperation opportunities around our projects and stories. I’m very satisfied with this marketplace event. In 2018, we broke new deals and cooperations with some companies, and the project is now in good progress. We are seriously considering participating in 30th edition this June as we aim at crossing borders and more overseas markets with our content.


Looking forward to attending Sunny Side of the Doc 2019?

ZHANG Bo, bilibili: The well planned and produced pitching and panel sessions, the unwavering open-mindedness, the super helpful team, the hospitality to the Chinese delegation and the unique venue with an ocean view makes it a must-go for me. What else can I say except a big “Happy Birthday!

TIAN Yuan, CCTV9We will definitely have a strong Chinese delegation in attendance at Sunny Side of the Doc, in 2019 and every year. It’s the place to be for us to meet old and new friends from the international factual community, with a real benefit each time.

YI Mingzhu, China Aviation Pictures: We are seriously considering participating in 30th edition this June as we aim at crossing borders and more overseas markets with our content.


The one sure thing: once again we will have the pleasure to greet our Chinese colleagues and friends in La Rochelle to celebrate the 30 years anniversary of Sunny Side of the Doc, 24-27 June 2019.


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