21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

PiXii – Call for digital installations and experiences

PiXii Festival by Sunny Side of the Doc

PiXii Festival supports the emergence of digital cultures putting the spotlight on creative and digital projects for mediation, cultural & heritage activities and education.

In the framework of Sunny Side of the Doc, the international marketplace for documentary and narrative experiences, it also acts as an effective kickstarter for the development of museum digital installations.

PiXii Festival launches its international call for digital installations and experiences

Since 2017, PiXii Festival has opened new perspectives for digital mediation bringing together content producers, cultural stakeholders and technology businesses.

In 2020, immersive works and digital installations that explore new forms of storytelling and new convergences of documentary, culture, gaming, education will  integrate PiXii Festival official selection.

For this edition, an international jury of industry experts was supposed to award prizes to:

  • The Best Immersive Experience
  • The Best Educative Content
  • The Best Museal Installation


The PiXii Festival – Connected Edition official selection shall be revealed via press release on 30th April 2020. Those project managers whose immersive and innovative experiences have been selected shall be informed by email on 28th and 29th April.

Due to the current situation, all prizes are cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience.

What kind of installations and experiences are we looking for?

PiXii Festival is looking for narrative and original projects focused on the users experience. The interactive or immersive component can leverage any digital technologies (virtual, augmented or mixed reality, artificial intelligence, intelligent devices and 3D audio, etc.).

Application rules and eligibility can be found [HERE]

We are calling for...

New media talent, content producers, installation or scenography designers, interactive screenwriters, graphic designers, 2D and 3D designers, developers, innovative technological operators and studios (VR, AR, immersive and interactive devices, mapping, data mining, etc.)

PiXii Festival is based on 3 pillars:


Virtual booths available for digital culture key players on the connected platform of Sunny Side of the Doc 2020, open to professionals, invaluable networking opportunities.


Virtual exhibition of digital installations and experiences. The official selection will be showcased on our digital platform via video pitches.


Accelerators practical workshops, case studies and knowledge sharing in a dedicated conference programme available online.

Key dates

In the wake of the global pandemic due to Covid-19 and to give you the chance to submit your project in the best conditions, we have decided to extend the deadline for submission to April 7 without increasing the cost of submission.

APRIL 27, 2020

Official deadline to apply

APRIL 30, 2020

Official announcement of the selected installations and experiences

From 22 to 25 June 2020

31st Sunny Side of the Doc “Connected Edition” + 4th edition of PiXii Festival

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